You can connect the dots and fill in
these blocks by transforming into
Super Baby Mario. Stand next to World 2-3 is full of outlined blocks. Filling in the
dots requires Super Baby Mario power.
the pinball flippers left of the

Fish, Pterodactyls and enemy cave dudes attack Joe,
but just keep moving, because none of them are very
tough. At the midpoint, the Nothosaur spits water at
you. Jump over the water shots and bonk the monster
in the head, then jump over the head. Next up is the

riding in the minecart. If
you leap out, you'll have
to fight your way along
the tracks.
and use your Water Gun to blast a

Pay close attention to the information
you receive. It may just help you to
gain the edge over your competitor.
Generally, the best moves, both offen-
sively and defensively, require that

often as you want.
VOLUME 69 65 From AqENT #287 From Aqent #148
Normally, you won’t receive this special code until
after you’ve completed the game, but because the
code allows you to access the two super-powerful

mayhem, indeed! Some of
the maps featured incorrect
starting points. If you'd like
to receive copies of the cor-
rect maps, please write to

time for extra tricks-just
pull one off whenever you
jump. Also watch for
other riders. They can
steal your power-ups. Speed Demon The Golden Ts are your

sequence is on the screen, press Right, Left, Right
and Left on the Control Pad. Then press the A and B
Buttons in the following sequence: A, B, A, B. The
message "World Select Mode" will appear with a
list of all of the Islands and a cursor pointing to

Mecharez. The mechanical
menace's rear rockets are as
hot as an episode of Melrose
Place, so don't get caught
behind him, or you’ll be toast.

You can choose to play
_ .J '-m — your best friend or
■ * -5 challenge the computer. C ‘ _ ' Battling a real person is !p fim |5 loads of fun. but the Whether you play the
computer or a friend you
can pick Irom three diffi-

between one of the three difficulty levels.
t EMBLESS ■How long can you last against an eternity of towering
Riles? Endless mode is a grueling endurance test. When

controller. You'll lose altitude rapidly, so
begin the turn at a high elevation.
Sudden gusts of wind could be
treacherous. During o sleep dive, the
pilot would try to turn or pull the

used actual blue prints of the set designs
from the film and made numerous trips
to the studios near London during the
production of the movie.

The key to doing well is to take good care
of your pet. You can practice sports for the
race or study for the knowledge quiz. If
your Tamagotchi wins a tournament, it may
qualify for the Tamagotchi Hall of Fame.

cross the road ahead of you or appear
along the sides of the road. The dirt track
across the savannah has other surprises in
store, like a humongous jump. You'll take
serious air, but you can control the amount

marathon Pod Race. He’ll have to concen-
trate on conserving his fuel and threading the narrow ■ passage- s dI H
Halfway through the underwater maze, Jim can
poke through a coral wall to find a secret cache of
Kelp-a-line, the wonder fuel recommended by

Wario's Virtual Boy debut takes 3-D gam-
ing to a deeper level.
game in Trimaran mode— that’s the big, three-
hulled ship. You shoot at Smokers and rescue
Atollers, pretty much the same as in the Virtual Boy

Stg. 5 to Stg. 6 - R, L, R, L, L, L, R, R, L, L, R, L, R, L, L
In Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball, the
only way you can normally see the end credits is to fin-
ish an entire season. Use this easy code on the Title
Screen to skip past the season, and go straight to the

nearby Deku Flower
to hover over to it.
I gang of do-gooders, the Bombers patrol the streets of Clock Town in search of troubled people

play but introduces
multiple players who
are trying to knock
each other out of the
bowl. During the bowl

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