self some cash by using
these tables to identify
the weapons and armor.
You can equip the items
as soon you find them,

Biggest bass caught. Aaron Freeze 25 lbs 7oz Virginia Beach. VA
David Murawski 241bs 14oz Lake Zurich, IL
John Dorton 24 lbs lloz Speedway, IN
Pamela Hodge 24 lbs 9oz Tampa, FL
Jason Hasty 241 bs 9oz Hanna City, IL

isn't a game for the weak at heart or the easily
THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Lucasfilm Games and JVC recently announced that they are working
on an NES game for release in 1992 based on The Empire Strikes

rounds by imagining himself in his own liv-
ing room. In preparation for the finals, he's
concentrating on Tetris and has racked up a
score of 532,255, easily one of the best
Tetris scores we've seen! After winning in

Oh, by the way... ’You’re welcome !” Gail Tilden Editor in Chief
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at the start, but you'd be a
wiser rider if you avoided
them. Jump off to the left and
take the long, narrow straight-
away. Once you emerge on the

or other Dragons. f AR1T1S The more troops you want, the
more farms and Carrion Tents you’ll
need to feed them. Destroy enemy
structures to limit the numbers of
enemy fighters.

in the palm of your hand,
including all 28 pro % . teams and their
actual players. Grab
your Game Boy and g A%EBOf Go Yard With Griffey! l GA/ "*~ P * K

any play mode.
Polaris SnoCross from Vatical Entertainment combines ten
Wrenches You can earn wrenches by per-
forming tricks in Tournament
races or by winning Tournament

Over and
Under In the previous difficul-l
ty levels you could use
the ramp to fly over the wall blocking
passage under the skyscraper, but in Expert,

question concerning Dragon Warrior, and you
don't know the answer, do you . . . A. Make up an answer to get rid of them. B. Tell
them you have no idea what they're babbling
about. C. Nod knowingly and walk away, leaving
them to wonder. D. Find the real answer in a

Boy onto a flat surface, then take your photo using natural
light. Make sure the system is included in your photo.
Nintendo is not responsible for lost or late
mail. All scores printed are decided by the Send tO '
Nintendo Power staff. All decisions are final.

There are 16 Scum Lab locations around the world, and,
unfortunately for the general public, you don't know exactly
where they all are. To your monstrous way of thinking, the

i in the arcade version of the game)
allows you to build custom plays from scratch
and save them to a Controller Pak. In the end.
Blitz combines solid, strategic challenges with a
crazed sense of humor for a fantasy football expe-

FIVE-SEV EN This 9un is the first you'll encounter. As
with all of the weapons, you'll have
to pick up the corresponding ammo
for it along the way. The Five-Seven
has very limited range. ARMOR ■ You will run into many

opened it and found that it was a
videocassette. Without reading the
enclosed brochure I popped it into my
VCR and soon found myself scram-
bling to find my eyeballs because

In Brush, find Brantu. He's working on an
invention -an aircraft -but you won't be able to us
it until you have six Runes. Stuck? Talk to Rarsa.

beams that shoot out from his head. If
you hold on for the win, you’ll move
ahead to the final confrontation versus
Sardius. When attacking Sardius, you
should also aim for the head. Since

Nintendo Player's Guide-forjustSIS.' ‘Pnces hslod ipflynU-S. residems My. WtsrmgloTi SliU 'tSHiBna mlS2* sths i» KisISSi.iS lor t
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