Reaper and his Reapettes who
guard the Treasure Room.
Look for a safe place
from which to attack
the Bats. Just to the

'the central room in Area 2. Although there doesn’t
appear to be any escape J
from this room, you can
break your way through
the wall in the northwest corner. If you don’t happen

Ubi Soft recently announced that it will bring Human Grand
Prix to North America under the title F-1 Pole Position. test-drive of this game at the end of last year ftfiap ** has geared us up for y fnai? rccG.~» more. Graphically, F-1 looks crisp and fast precision control you ■ need to stay in iV the running for the |r*‘gi7 checkered flag. |H|i? JI4
B ie latest developments for
lave news from Japan that

board, while Drill Peck har- *
nesses the power of the
Flying-type in a brutal *
attack. Jeremy uses
Agility to boost Dodrio's Speed up another notch,

items. Just cruising around with Banjo seems very much
like the control of Mario in Super Mario 64, or at least
that's the impression you get until .. . . .-» you start experimenting with the 1
camera angles. You actually have a
much more versatile control over

Nintendo maniac, really appreciat-
ed the chance to get some tips
from the Game Master in person.
His biggest frustration was that he
kept getting stuck on Lode Runner,

in There? I think the biggest surprise
at E3 will be when the secret
is finally released about how
to defeat that darned
Marathon Man in Zelda 64. I think everybody is sick

This month's Trainer tour includes a Bug-Catching Con-
test in the National Park north of Goldenrod City, a
damp encounter with the treelike Sudowoodo, a battle l We mart
royal with the Kimono Girls of Ecruteak City and a no tL marathon swim around Whirl Islands. If that’s not

mies. Recently we saw a quick demo at Big Bang. The game
seemed to preserve the feel of the classic Lode Runner
while bringing the game into the richer environment of the
Nintendo 64. Although Big Bang is a relative newcomer to
the development scene, the company contains veteran tal-

address, and also the name of the
Game Boy game in your entry. If
your border is chosen as one of the H “ l
top 50, you’ll receive 10 Power
Points, which can be spent on

can send mail to each other
using the local post office. They can visit each other’s
villages and even return to
their own village carrying
items that aren’t available


PIRATES! Ahoy, me'hardies! Ultra Games and the programmers
at RARE Ltd. have brought the PC classic from Micro-
prose to the NES for all you would-be swashbucklers
and privateers. Now you can sail the Spanish Main as
the captain of a French, English, Spanish or Dutch

pages of complete maps for 18 of the
tips, strategies for over 130 action hitsi
including an in-depth preview of his
new adventure, Super Mario Woiidl
• Super NES (code t(SI-tiie inside lowdown on the

Monolith, near the upper-right cor-
ner, use the Search command and
you will uncover the Sun Crest. Use the Search command here to find the Sun Crest WHERE IS THE MOON CREST?
T he King of Osterfair Castle
has the Moon Crest, and

moves. And if you turn your opponents onto automatic, you'll also
see all of their special combinations displayed on the screen. But if
you just want to use the other fighters for punching bags, turn off
the automatic feature so your opponents won't fight back!
The Tournament is the main event in which you and the

Kombat II. The
individual frames
of film are scanned
and entered in digi-
tal form into the

(/V — 0 1 2 consists of one long stage. The Foot forces attack you
on the road with skateboarders, helicopters, missile-firing
and boomerang-throwing Foot Soldiers, barrels and
Tubular Transports. Once again Raphael’s quick attack is best. TURTLE AIR FORCE

both offensive and defensive plays.
Get short yardage easily when you
have the ball or dive to tackle when
it's the other team's ball.
jfj| It's usually best

spiked gloves to propel themselves down the starting ramp. You con-
trol the speed of your racer's fists by alternating between the L and
R Buttons on your controller. The faster you tap the buttons, the
more momentum you'll carry into the first turn. Compared to the
bobsled, luge sleds are extremely light, and they easily flip on high, . ^ 1 tanked turns. Keep r | I this in mind and try [ ij Jiff 'ill* WRlffl Ji to steer low as you A blast through Spiral's rO( tricky turn four.

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