him into o Basher.
Elosh 0 tunnel to the
right to meet up witf
the romp you'll build. You’ll begin this level with only five Diggers, five Miners, 15 builders,
and 10 Bombers. You can’t use any of the Bombers, though, because

pressing the B Button twice. Snott will m
shoot out and grab the ceilin^^H
Continuing his leftward journey, Jim
should keep up the Tarzan act until he
grabs the 1-up. EWJ 2 is full of hidden triggers, and we're not

an instant, they can return to
their normal Foot Soldier
shape. Liquid Soldiers usually
pop up in groups. TOKKA & RAHZAR

Probe did listen to music from the
Alien movie soundtracks and other
sci-fi thriller soundtracks for inspira-
tion. The results are atmospheric and
spooky. The game also includes a line

REDMOND, WA 98073-9733
E-mail: NOAPulse@aal.com
e-mail: Nintendo@Nintendo.com
VOLUME 81 ; 9

The Karafotis Family Wyandotte, Ml
Kristopher Kauffman Terre Haute, IN
Barbara Lee
Alex Long
Tom Lyman

catching a few more to get one.
No other Pokemon can use Thick
Club-it works for Marowak and
Cubone only. (Hsu* qB? ■Sis \?tR3@a
Check Hot off the Press to find out what’s new in the latest and upcoming Pokemon games, cards, TV shows,

ing the game also allows you to see where the spinning escape
disks are. Pictured below are samples of playfields. Good With Bad There are good and bad creatures and items in this game. Avoid the bad characters
while changing the shades of the blocks. Q^bert will earn bonus points for nabbing
items like apples, cherries and freeze balls, but will lose a life if he comes in contact
with any enemies. Coily, Lefty, Righty, Wrong-way, Ugg and the Bad Ball are all out

like it in the entire world. Arthur
must gather the piece without
slaying the rare animal. In his
journey to the Swamp of Zagar,
Arthur encounters many hideous

gan, Park Overall, Dinah Manoff and
Kristy McNichol like
to get silly. "Once in
a while we moon
each other through

by plugging in a

C'n, enemy mid-
stride, saving
you from certain damage. While
your enemy is frozen, use the
Uppercut to finish him off. The

uieae casserele. But new the femme fatale
faces her most difficult missioe g : |t,= com-
plete with platooes of soldiers, alien lifeforms
aod some very irate cyborgs. It'll take all of
her, aed your, shills to leave this ore alive.;

the perfect spot and both Death
Hands will bite interstellar dust.
If the wall closes on you, kiss
your retro-rockets goodbye.^

pattern drawn below.
Arliiale The Teleporter Trigger the Tele-
porter by standing
in the flame when
it appears green

with this visit through a myste-
rious and danger-filled man-
sion. Like Shadowgate, there
are many elements of magic and other-worldy events
in this story. The mansion belongs to a magician and

£eR.W©©« &VT AXoVNC? TWE ^©VNTXV AS yveu.!
w/wrfwflo wwa ■Super Mario Kart joins a growing ros-
|;ter of terrific games for use with the
RIBAND Network service from:

VOLUME 76 69 N.P. What product has been the
biggest surprise success? H.L. Tetris. Most video games have
a limited lifetime. Tetris continues
to sell almost seven years after its
Game Boy release.

Kyle Petty’s No Fear Racing from Williams
Entertainment puts you in control of a NASCAR rac-
ing team for a season or a day. You begin a single race
by choosing from one of 28 tracks around the nation.
Next, customize your stock car for increased perfor-

sleeping Wind Fish in his egg atop the volcano. Is the world of
Koholint and all of its inhabitants just a mirage in the sleep-
ing mind of the Wind Fish? Is Link just a figment of a fish's
warped dream? Find the answers to all these questions and
more as the drama continues in Link's Awakening.

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