alternately cheer and cringe
as they watch two martial
artists execute bone-crushing
blows and ants-in-the-pants
acrobatics until one fighter is

VOLUME 85 £%
Once you have the sprinting technique down, move on to the 1 1 0M Hurdles; In this event,
you'll pot only have to sprint, but you'll also have use split-second timing to clear hurdles,

In a two-player duel, the competition
will be limited to eight computer-
controlled cars, as opposed to the 19 in
one-player. The screen can be split
horizontally or vertically.

off the field. The Options Editing menu gives you weather con-
ditions that run the gamut from hellish heat to slippery snow.
Pay attention to the field when the
game begins. You may need to make
some play adjustments it the field is

Number(3 digits) and be sure to indudeit with
yourtips. VOLUME 35 29 ARMOREP SHELL/

again. Do you, like Adrian, wonder what boss-
es do while they're waiting to battle you? Well,
here’s your chance to ask! Send questions,
addressed to your favorite baddie, to the
address at the bottom of page nine. — 1 1 11 ■ 1 ■ f> 11 A em ■

the platform nearest him and jump
and fire. Dodge the lava he spits-it
can knock you off into the sea of
lava. When you defeat Jawenko.
you'll be able to rescue R2-D2.

puzzles, intrigue, combat and adventure.
Indiana circles the globe in 15 stages to pre-
vent the Soviets from gathering the pieces to
create the Infernal Machine. Cinematic
sequences help tell the story, and Hot Gen

They are a fun team
to choose if you like
to make your compe-
tition eat sand.
Prepare to be punished by

back with another heavyweight wres-
tling game for the NES. Ten of your
favorite wrestlers can take part in One
vs. computer, Two player simultaneous,
Regular, Tag or Cage matches. In the

remains. Frantic must
where minions
of Minifleas
have been
held since the |H

money to buy it right
away, but you should
invest in the sword as
early as possible.
;k +10 / t

al jumping over to the nexl
root, step off the right edge of
the building and use the Rug
to glide over to the Lamp, then
swing off the pegs over to the

night or night into day. METAL CLUBS
Hole-ln-One Golf
This early 16-bit golf game showcased the Super NES's Mode 7
scaling abilities, and you'll be able to showcase your driving abili-
ties with a set of metal clubs. Just enter "METAL-PLAY" as your

include breaking news items and sneak
peeks at games in development as it always
has. You’ll also see more news about Game
Boy Advance in the next few months as
we close in on the Japanese launch date

The Legend of Zelda:
Ocarina of Time (N 64 )
The Legend of Zelda:
Ocarina of Time (N 64 )

5. The Big Waterfall
There's also a
wealth of booty up
in the rigging. You'll
have to jump

Tweety will lose a Heart if Sylvester catches him. If you
think that Sylvester is about to strike, stand on the right
side of a manhole. The not-so-sly feline will fall in it
every time. Taz gets the easy job. Stage 4 isn’t a “normal” type as he can within 60 seconds. It couldn’t be any
of stage with obstacles and enemies— it’s more like easier. Move left and right to find as much food as

scenes on various planets in which you,
as Captain Kirk, must find the pieces of 46 NINTENDO POWER At the beginning of your mission, Admi-
ral McQuilkin from Star Base 4 will tell
you all about your goal. A proto-matter
fusion disruptor was built to combat the

has been blown away by
such great heroes. Colin Bartolome Via the Internet I just got my April Nintendo
Power and was happily sur-
prised to find the spring
Super Power Supplies

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