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for scene!
STAR-STUDDED CAST Just like In the movie, Luke Skywalker will collect a rag-tag band ot followers as he becomes a galactic hero.
In the Star Wars game, you can control the actions of Luke, Han or Lela. The 'droids and Obi-Wan Kenobi will
be in the group to give advice and assistance.
f Luke Skywalker, the

few Colorless-types thrown in for good
measure. Dewgong deals a lot of damage
at a relatively cheap cost, but with only
one, you probably won't field it
often enough.

I ings fall mainly in the middle ranks, except that he’s good in the
I clutch. As a teammate, Robinson offers good dunking and decent
’ shooting. Look for Robinson to shoot the ball.
Jones and Reeves rank in the middle of most of the eight skill cat-

most advanced robot the world had ever seen. This robot
actually had the ability to think and reason. Using X as a
model. Dr. Cain began producing “reploids,” a whole new
line of robots based on X. Less than a year passed before
something went wrong with the reploids. Uh-oh.

VOLUME 19 1 3 4 Pla/er Extra
W Roster
Starting Lineup

bridge, you may have to fight
for your life with other riders.
If you make it through clean,
use turbo and hit the ramp on
the left side to get radical

Although the game has a glide move
that lets your car slide around sharp
corners, you'll lose much of your

quality is a good sign.
The Pak Watch source at Hudson
Soft has revealed that Super

The pesky little creatures in this room are a real pain
in the shell. Take the upper route to avoid them.

protect him from harm,
trap enemies, or be used
to manipulate Ice Cubes.
Max will help you by pushing Ice
Cubes. He loves to punt blocks but

SCENE ?&6 On the top floor of the Trade
Office, Arm Of Mafat, a sword
wielding martial artist and high
ranking Mafat boss, gloats to
Golgo that he has arrived too late

A fortress belonging to
LeMonde's Ally Kym needs to
be destroyed before you leave.
VOLUME t30 o

"Good brakes are vital when you're playing
tag. Slam into an outside rail to automati-
cally become "It."
Single players
can pick the

Map Device
Missile Moves
There are four Missile Units
in Crateria. Collect them all
for a 20-Missile capacity. A Need for Speed

Invasion of the Planet Pirates. The Sports Scene. Spectre.
Knights of the Round. Solitaire Funpak. Black Bass Lure Volume 61 (June ’94): Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
FireStriker. Clay Fighter: Tournament Edition. Spike
McFang. SlamMastcrs, Fatal Fury 2. A.S.P. Air Strike
Patrol. Super Loopz. Illusion of Gaia (preview). Donkey

space. Beginning in May, we expanded our
coverage with the introduction of an all-
sports site on the world wide web. covers the growing
library of N64 sports titles from Nintendo,

including the mix of magic and technology. More impor-
tant to the game play is the size and non-linear nature of
the game, with lots of exploring, chopping down trees and
talking to characters. HiHI.-tfiWI.IlI Zekfa fans who haven't experienced FFA
should not miss the

If an existing route is doing
well, you may want to
increase the number of
flights, so you can carry
more passengers. Reduce

distance, and at multiple speeds.
I Once the Madden 64 proto-
I lype arrived, we immediate-
I ly set up training camp in a

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