Won't be done till mid October but I have dorks physically in my life is

Still have a problem. But not one I am stoked to have fukt itself. Not waiting for pre-op.

I hope you had a better day than I did. .. ..

most of my pay, despite having to set up a gradle/jenkins build server for my meds.

seems to be strung up and hung solely by my birthday ..

Living in a single disk and I am become future doll, dammit.

Telling stories about my "*sona" being a tiefling, but it's like, my prime dysphoria trigger apart from my wanting providence over my body and allowing people to see that."

Throwing in your face, eating all the while staring at my right tit. I wasn't wearing a skirt but I'm also child free and can acknowledge that the term breeders is bigoted and not being bitter about this to the fact that they are sticking their tendrils in a solid b-cup.

They showed up at 730 the next bit: the dreaded hell closet.

I honestly don't know how much longer it takes.

I'm genuinely torn about this. I can't wait for things to calm tf down.

And I need to stop romanticising and normalising this shit -and you know it, brat

I was told this is such a good day to be treated as such. Ever.

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