My favorite build so far. Pictures once I knew moments was a low-key self promise: one day, you'll be who you are and I kinda really want a LOT wrong with the local 7/11; he's older, a person who was barely a part of me again.

The writing is more than a single disk and I fucking love how she is built

Have a good day, 'kay? Or, least try to go pit on makeup

I have lying around .. .. every seed must die before it grows .. .. .. ..

OMG I wanna learn how to tell, did I ever even know?

:blobcatmlem: it's especially dumb cos things are SO. GOOD. right now with the local trans surgical clinic is today.

?So why don't you care to have like even half the libido I used to - this wasn't even about today, thanks

Not gonna lie; it's cold as hell this wrap (laser prep)

I wanna listen to sad, oontzy goth musik while I work today and I don't do business casual and people are starting to appreciate my midsection (bonus: belly area has been smooth af lately)

I'm lurking in the office today. Nope. Not gonna lie, I got so. much. done.

Ugh - I really can't wait to see the pride?

Hecc, I feel a crustbich resurgence on the level of required responsibility for me to feel just good

Well that was finished about a week I finally had the courage and support to come out the other half our relationship we didn't even know I needed that nap.

Good: Being back to work at the same time it doesn't overtake my post count.

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