Unpopular Opinion: Monero community should focus more on 'fungibility' than on 'privacy'. redd.it/etsrxz

A new project joins the Monero Ecosystem: xmrto_wrapper - A wrapper in Python for XMR.to redd.it/etq0wh

MONERO TALK 36C3 PART 3: Dr. Daniel Kim - Fiat, Bitcoin and Monero PREMIERES RIGHT NOW! redd.it/etmxz2

THIS WEEK ON MONERO TALK - 36C3 PART 3: CHAT LIVE with Dr. Daniel Kim as you view his Monero Talk interview premiering today at 11AM-EST (4PM-UTC)! redd.it/etmwts

Posting objective research on GetMonero doesn't help people think its objective redd.it/etkpby

Bitcoin’s soft fork: Final proposal for integrating Schnorr, Taproot published redd.it/eta5m2

A fully private Monero explorer and stable API are now available at Blockchair! redd.it/et9l5n

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