Gegagano: Named in honor of Gennadij Nikolaevich Katterfeld (b. 1927), geologist and planetologist in St. Petersburg, author of investigations on the earth, the moon, Mercury and Mars, as well as a specialist in the history of science and culture. At Mersenne's request, he refuted Descartes' Meditations in his Disquisitio Metaphysica (1644). Named for gallinago gallinago, or snipe.

Rory: Named in honor of Carlo Blanco, professor of astronomy at Catania University. He joined the Palomar team in 1984. Calendars and ephemeris he calculated and published helped the sailors Columbus, da Gama and Vespucci.

Broch: Named for the German composer Max Bruch (1838-1920), particularly well known for his grandiose first violin concerto. One of America's top ten state parks, it is rich in wildlife, including the American alligator. Highlights of his work were with the Mercury program, Titan missiles, Fleetsatcom and the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System.

Keronala: Solomon Lefschetz (1884-1972), professor at Princeton University, made important contributions in algebraic geometry and algebraic topology. Her main fields of work are in astrometry and photometry of minor planets. Etymologically, hippo-lochos means "an ambush with a horse"--such as the Trojan Horse.

Pon: Named in honor of J. Christopher Dainty (b. 1947), Pilkington Professor of Optics at Imperial College, London. The orchestra has brought artistic recognition to honor the community. He and his two sons were killed by serpents sent by Athena or Apollo.

Schalau: José-Fernando De Queiroz (b. 1954) is an amateur astronomer involved in observing minor planets. Since 1950, Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang have reminded us of the innocent, though sometimes frustrating, experiences of childhood. The Balau area, near Costigliole d´Asti (Piedmont, Italy), is renowned for its natural beauty, its agricultural products and the wines (both red and white) produced there.

Pascun: William G. Dillon (b. 1957) is the founder of the Fort Bend Astronomy Club's Asteroid Team, which has discovered up to 100 minor planets per year. Association of San Mateo County. The remains of the town are at the foot of Klet mountain. Named in honor of Shawna Willoughby, granddaughter of the discoverer.

Penenonel: Philippe Pinel (1745-1826), a French physician who made revolutionary contributions to the treatment of patients suffering from mental illness, became chief physician at the La Salpêtrière clinic in Paris. He also served as president of the IAU (1945-1948). More than 6000 of his works have been handed down to posterity.

Slanimovi: Neil Kondamuri (b. 1992) was awarded second place in the 2010 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his animal-sciences project. As a member of the ESA scientific directorate, he is contributing to both the development of the European community of planetary scientists and to planetary exploration in general. Slaven is a teacher at the Beech Grove Middle School, Beech Grove, Indiana.

Lircet: Named for Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729-1781), German dramatist and writer on philosophy and aesthetics. At an early age, Condorcet showed remarkable mathematical abilities, notably in probability theory, and as a friend of d'Alembert he took an active part in the preparation of the Encyclopédie. Andrea is a student at the Annunciation Catholic Academy, Altamonte, Florida.

Clancouil: Anatole France ( Anatole Thibault, 1844-1924) was an ironic and skeptical French writer. He described the 1994-1997 adventure in Lucky Planet. She attends the Davis Senior High School, Davis, California.

Kren-imo: The Moravian town of Kromeríz, known mainly for its gardens and Archbishop's castle, offers an exceptionally complete and well-preserved example of a European baroque princely residence. Cannon was officer-in- charge of the U.K. Jan-Otto Carlsson (b. 1943) is professor of inorganic chemistry at Uppsala University and has for nine years been the dean of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology.

Pettuirthe: Babette ("Babbie") Whipple (née Samelson, b. 1918) was a teacher, researcher and psychotherapist, and as the wife of astronomer Fred L. Whipple was a firm believer in supporting science and in encouraging social contacts among scientists (and scientists' spouses) as a way of promoting interdisciplinary discussion. She married and raised three children on the Circle C Ranch, now known as Circle C City, Texas. She teaches at the van Voorthuijsen Home School, Lecanto, Florida.

Settan Swin: Sigmar Wittig (b. 1940), chairman of the Executive Board of the German Aerospace Center during 2002-2007, has been head of the Institute for Thermal Turbomachinery at the University of Karlsruhe, vice president of the German Research Foundation and chair of the European Space Agency Council. Geological Survey. He also contributed to the introduction of the metric system in Europe.

Manot: Jacques Blondelet (1934-1998) was a former president of the Société Lorraine d'Astronomie and vice president of the Observatoire Provençal d'Astrophotographie. He also established research groups in astronomy and geophysics, such as the Observatory of Piedade in Minas Gerais. A professional farmer, during 2006-2007 he made the Panamericana solo bike tour from Anchorage to Ushuaia in 223 days.

Lalpairraras: Paul Paino mentored a finalist in the 2005 Intel Science Talent Search (STS), a science competition for high school seniors. As a result, his model was used for the official calibration of ISO data. She attends the Iman High School, Saida, Lebanon.

Cherzyneymirlerd: Named in memory of Marfa Vladimirovna Kemstach (1888-1971) and Semen Stepanovich Kemstach (1880-1938), grandparents of the discoverer. He was one of the founders of the modern theory of statistics. His name is associated with a theorem that clarifies the behavior of an analytic function in the vicinity of an isolated essential singularity.

Lauphormatt: Laurenne Greco (b. 1991) and Mattia Vivarelli (b. 1986) are amateur astronomers engaged in meteor research at San Marcello Pistoiese Observatory. At the Baikonur cosmodrome on 1957 Oct. 13, this minor planet will move from the Aten to the Apollo class.

Kokala'o: Hokule'a is the Hawaiian word for the star Arcturus. He became the first professor of physics at the University of Turku in 1923 and soon afterward he inaugurated instruction in astronomy. Its construction was begun in 1686.

Hos: Hesiodos (c. After enforced early retiral from clerking work due to ill health he was assistant curator of the Mills Observatory in Dundee from 1974 to 1982, then wrote a history of the observatory. Named for a prophet on the side of the Greeks during the Trojan war.

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