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Pot: Named for the Englishman William Henry Fox Talbot (1800-1877), who made the first silver nitrate photographic negatives in 1834. She married and raised three children on the Circle C Ranch, now known as Circle C City, Texas. In 1988, he co-founded the International Meteor Organization.

Olvunacheri: Alvaro Alvarez-Candal (b. 1977) is a planetary scientist who works at Paris Observatory. Holy Night! Ogunimachi, a town of population 7300 in the middle part of Niigata prefecture, is famous for washi (Japanese paper) production.

Dime: Through the efforts of Hume Blake Cronyn (1864-1933), Canada's National Research Council was established in 1920. As an MPI collaborator Birkle performed pioneering work on site testing in mediterranean and other countries for a new large observatory. His famous Cruydbook (1554), on herbs, was translated into French (1557), and it became a standard in England.

Yrjoctayo: Named by G. V. Williams in honor of his parents, Kay and Roy, for their support over the years. He was also well known as a geodesist and an esperantist. during the Gallic war.

Ethumlemle: Named for the historical town on the Vltava river. Long associated with special projects at NASA and in industry, he served in the early 1990s as chair of the Near-Earth Object Interception Committee, which examined possible mitigation processes against the threat of minor planets and comets on collision courses with the earth. His hypothesis of subsurface sources to explain the South Equatorial belt disturbances at the cloud deck on Jupiter is well known.

Mesules: Ernst F. F. Zermelo (1871-1953), German mathematician, was mainly interested in the calculus of variations. He died in Vienna during a fight against the Marcomanni. Desargues' theorem and the crater Desargues on the moon are named in his honor.

Pillustefi: Named in honor of Shigefumi Mori (b. 1951), Japanese mathematician who was awarded the Fields Medal in 1990. Bob and Estelle Marie Ives were married on 1945 July 1 and have been happily married since. The citation was prepared by P. Brosche.

Kippelia: Salacia is the Roman goddess of the calm and sunlit ocean. He is a winner of the I. Yamamoto Award (O.A.A. Pressed by the circumstances, he decided to die voluntarily with his wife and her daughter in order to protect them from the concentration camp.

Ticky: Named in honor of Vasilij Vasil'evich Smyslov (b. 1921), Soviet chess grandmaster and world chess champion during 1957-1958. He has investigated the various effects of the solar wind on cometary ion tails. Named in honor of Nichole Tombaugh, granddaughter of the discoverer.

Jemb: Named in honor of David John Asher (b. 1966), researcher on the dynamics of the small bodies in the solar system. He opened the first sports ground in Berlin in 1811 and founded the Turnverein (gym club) movement in Germany. Named in honor of Makhmud Alisultanovich Esambaev (b. 1924), well-known Soviet ballet dancer, an outstanding performer of the national dances of the peoples of the world.

Dapiharo: Named in honor of Shin Kasahara (b. 1953), doctor of dentistry and senior lecturer at Tohoku University. The next year the king hired foreign mercenaries, and Dacke's army was beaten. Among his works are `Queen of Saba' and `King Salomon'.

Ivans: Named in honor of Edgar Everhart, since 1969 in the physics-astronomy department at the University of Denver and director of the Chamberlin Observatory. This has led to the determination of stellar masses with unprecedented precision. She is also involved in education initiatives, including Project FIRST (Fostering Reading Through Science and Technology).

Carirago: Simonetta Di Pippo (b. 1959) works on solar-system exploration at the Italian Space Agency. She identifies factors that could lead to the cure or prevention of human disorders, including diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and Alzheimer-like dementia in Down Syndrome. dissertation was on "The lore and poetry of the Dog Star in antiquity".

Anency-Laincy-Lerl: Named for the French city Nancy, in the Lorraine region of France, near the left bank of the river Meuse. He brought the orchestra to the highest standard by his demands and consistent work. Monet, Manet and the other impressionist painters influenced each other strongly.

Hokarziwska: Named in memory of Maria Jasnorzewska-Pawlikowska (1910-1945), important Polish poet. The name derives from Princeton's official motto: "Dei Sub Numine Viget", or "Under the Power of God She Flourishes". Hisakichi Sato (1902-1989) was the discoverer's father.

Raraento: Named in honor of Jonathan Eberhart, space science writer for the weekly publication Science News. After he finished his schooling in Japan he went to Germany and trained at the Music Academy in Leipzig. He was secretary, steward and even dean of the Guild of St. Luke in Haarlem.

Pexo: Named in honor of George Alexander, soon to retire from the Jet propulsion Laboratory as public-affairs manager. Through her contributions to the Voyager project and as the team leader for the Cassini imaging system, Porco has been a leader in spacecraft exploration of the outer solar system. Mieke Rouppe was concerned with issues of freedom and human rights, and he was willing to be a courier and participant in the Dutch Resistance in The Hague during World War II.

Hanar-Glald: The son of Karl Schwarzschild, Martin was a leader in research on the structure and evolution of stars. Around 1965, Niklaus developed his first astronomical software. Named by the Minor Planet Names Committee following a suggestion by F. Pilcher.

Leliaongzhirg: Named for the largest open city in southern China and the capital of Guangdong province. The city is nicknamed "The Hilly City". Even today, he is known for his aphorisms, such as: "it is almost impossible to carry the torch of the truth through a crowd without singeing someone's beard", "the healthy scholar is the man for whom thinking is not an illness" and "I always feel pain when a gifted person dies---the world has a greater need for these than the heavens".

Ponut: Arada Sungkanit (b. 1994) was awarded best of category and first place in the 2011 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her environmental management team project. Bondy was appreciated by friends for his lack of reserve, his strong mind, kindness and sense of humor. The citation was prepared by J. B. Tatum.