Rake: In Carolinian times the Thuringian town of Mühlhausen was the haunt of emperors and kings. Graduating from the Geophysical Institute, Tohoku University, in 1950, he worked at the Sendai Observatory from 1956 to 1994. He discussed telescopes from ancient times to the present in Fernrohre und ihre Meister. Curator of the lunar samples returned from the moon, he moved on to become chief of the Lunar and Planetary Sciences Division of the Johnson Spacecraft Center.

Tithmatan: Father Gregor (Bernhard Helms; b. 1946) is a Benedictine monk of the abbey Sankt-Stephan in Augsburg, Germany. Tuthmosis I was the first king to be buried in the Valley of the Tombs of the Kings near Thebes. 15 in Wahun, China, is the discoverer's granddaughter.

Strounisboudes: Named for the French city of Strasbourg, capital of Alsace. Greek philosophers before him, such as Thales and Anaximenes, tried to explain the physical world by means of sometimes very remarkable hypotheses. Phidias died in prison in 432 B.C.

Culla: Paula Pravdová (b. 1990) is the only daughter of the second discoverer. The Latin word cucullus means a hood, and it refers to a hood-like arrangement of hairs on the thorax of the adult moth. He has used the remote facilities at Rent-a-Scope Observatory to confirm many near-earth objects, in addition to discovering a number of main-belt minor planets.

Thalaikibuo: Josef Thomayer (1853-1927), Czech professor of internal medicine at the Charles University of Prague, was the founder of Czech internal medicine. He created three concertos and 14 sonatas for piano and numerous piano cycles and lieder. He specializes in fireballs, and all national fireball data witnessed in Japan are gathered in his office.

Hemo-nasean: Joe Ferguson (1962-2001) was director of the geography education outreach program for the National Geographic Society. Among his many awards and honors he received the National Medal of Science. He discovered the space-charge layer widening in semiconductors, now called the "Early Effect". The name, which means "star village", was suggested by Youichi Hanaki, an amateur astronomer and one of the institute's leaders.

Jasardt: Lhasa, "God's ground", is the capital of Tibet, located on a fertile plain 3700 meters high, surrounded on all sides by hills. He was a cofounder of the "Salzburger Festspiele". He attends the El Segundo High School, El Segundo, California.

Brorarolf: Named in memory of the Austrian composer Hugo Wolf (1860-1903), the creator of more than 200 songs from the late-romantic era. The encouragement of a popular interest in Astronomy. Named for an island, some 30 km to the southwest of Hokkaido, noted for its rich fishing grounds for squid and scallops.

Yeonchtayi: Named after Philipp Melanchton (1497-1560), German reformer who worked closely with Martin Luther. He was in charge of developing astronomical instruments. Mayumi Sato is the wife of the first discoverer, who has received much support from her for his discoveries and observations.

Dawin: "Oruki" is a much loved word in the Tosa (Kochi prefecture) dialect meaning "the importance of one's presence and reassurance of unflagging support". He has remained as one of the pillars of that establishment ever since, having become the only permanently-appointed research astronomer. He attends the Delavan High School, Delavan, Illinois, U.S.A.

A: Named for Joseph Priestley (1733-1804), an English clergyman who was the first to publish an account of his discovery in 1774 of the element oxygen. Axford's seminal contributions in the areas of magnetospheric, heliospheric, cometary and cosmic ray physics and interstellar gas dynamics have greatly enhanced our understanding and stimulated further investigation. He also created minstrel songs.

Matengl: The Euphrates river flows through northern Syria and Iraq. While Allegheny Observatory director he invented a bolometer. He received the Van der Bilt Prize in 1951.

Brydanin: Named in honor of Shavarsh Vladimirovich Karapetyan, Armenian sportsman, eleven times the world champion in underwater sports. Jack practised public outreach in astronomy. He also works for Spacewatch, being instrumental in that project's development for the discovery of asteroids and comets.

Kinrok: Anatolij (Tolik) Leonidovich Zhuravlev (1941-2007), husband of the discoverer, was a computer expert and a leading engineer for several organizations, including the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory since 1997. ("J. He taught the Japanese the algorithm of the luni-solar calendar used in China.

Zebight: Stefano Zibetti (b. 1976) is an Italian astronomer and a contributor to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, known for his contributions to the statistical study of the extremely faint diffuse light around galaxies and for the galaxies identified via quasar absorption lines. He was president of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna. 17.

Odeuvipo: Diane M. Sipiera (b. 1955) is the executive director of the Planetary Studies Foundation, co-author of children's books on space exploration and astronomy, and operator of the Star-Lab Planetarium. Born Odorico Mattiussi in Pordenone and pronounced blessed in 1775, between 1314 and 1330 he traveled in southern Asia, stopping in Ceylon, Sumatra, Java and Borneo as a messenger of the Christian faith and of the light of civilization. Citation provided by M. A. Barucci.

El: Elizabeth Woolard mentored a finalist in the 2003 Intel Science Talent Search, a science competition for high school seniors. At an early age, Condorcet showed remarkable mathematical abilities, notably in probability theory, and as a friend of d'Alembert he took an active part in the preparation of the Encyclopédie. His monograph on Lake Balaton is the basis of modern research on this famous lake.

Vlamamid: Named by M. B. Protitch, whose rediscovery of this object in 1952 made the permanent numbering possible, in honor of his grandson. In his works he preached the ideas of progressive romanticism. Named in honor of Kumiko Kaneda (1951- ), wife of the second discoverer.

Colgrilgrenzl: Nichole Danzl is a biology student, artist and a past Spacewatch Observer. He and his partners created a division of that company that ultimately became Texas Instruments. She attends the Keystone Junior High School, San Antonio, Texas.

Enyacharech: Eran Yavneh (1971-1999) lived in Jerusalem for all of his short life. Living in Altona, he was professor in Copenhagen and leader of the Danish geodetic survey. He is active in promoting amateur astronomy in Ireland.

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