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Loinsarla: Larry Robinson, an inspirational leader in the amateur minor-planet observing community, spent countless hours at the Sunflower Observatory confirming, following and discovering many objects, as well as assisting numerous amateurs. That passion, combined with compassion for others in need, led him to join his father at Air Glaciers and to lead some 300 successful rescue missions in the Alps. He attends the Escuela Tecnica No. 12, Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Pologni: The Inselsberg, at 900 m, is one of the peaks of the Thüringer Wald mountain range. He is also a member of the Société des Amis de Jean de La Fontaine, one of his ancestors, as well as of the Société Astronomique de France. A member of Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei and many other groups, he wrote textbooks on mathematics and mathematical physics.

Qoloravirakiv: Nikolay Pavlovich Laverov (b. 1930), vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is an outstanding scientist, author of classical works in uranium geology and geochemistry, radiogeoecology, new energy sources and environmental protection. Aramis and the other two musketeers Athos and Porthos are friends of the novel's protagonist, d'Artagnan. He attends the John Cooper School, The Woodlands, Texas.

Ueijidin: Ueda Shoji (1913-2000) was a professional Japanese photographer famous throughout the world. As a journalist, he witnessed and participated in many events in the history of the U.S.S.R. She teaches at the St. Gregory the Great Catholic School, San Antonio, Texas.

Choston: Ernesto Ruiz (b. 1958) has played a key role in numerous radar experiments on minor planets as an electronics technician and telescope operator at the Arecibo Observatory. For the New Millennium Deep Space One spacecraft that was launched on 1998 Oct. He has been involved as a co-investigator in several space-mission imaging spectrometers used to study Mars and the giant planets.

Karlhe: Named for Jules Verne (1828-1905), French novelist and playwright. He has directed the Volkssternwarte Drebach since 1969 and oversaw the completion of a Zeiss planetarium and a new main building. Her generous Max and Ingeburg Herz Foundation supports young scientists and research within the Max Planck Society, in the fields of skin and hair follicle morphogenesis and molecular biology of the ageing skin.

Ajjasose: Avanthi Sai Ajjarapu (b. 1993) was awarded second place in the 2010 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her energy-and-transportation project. In 1849 San Jose became the first capital of the state of California. With enthusiasm and expertise he directed the Public Observatory Hof from 1976 until 2003 and has published astronomical articles and educational material for children.

Arrageca: David Lowell Harris (1950-2001), who was born in Utah and grew up in Colorado, graduated from Rice University. His main interests are education and populiarization of astronomy, and he has published many books on elementary astronomy. His chief works are "Sinfonietta" and the opera "Jenufa".

Anschuchi: Erin Schumacher mentored a finalist in the 2011 Broadcom MASTERS, a math and science competition for middle-school students. This first great spiritual crisis in his life is testified by his early dark realistic pictures, which bear a social- critical message. She has worked for the state of Arizona to prevent the abuse and neglect of Arizona's children.

Cindrendriz: German physicist Peter Castellaz (b. 1965) works in the Department of Science and Arts of the state of Baden-Württemberg. He was best known for his kindness, imagination and creativity in storytelling. Following a devastating fire during the construction phase of Badlands Observatory, he put forth a tremendous volunteer effort in the salvage and reconstruction.

Kawamaika: Named for the river that flows through Kochi, home town of the discoverer. From its source near the city of Tula, the river flows generally in a southeasterly direction, turning to the west near Volgograd near its closest point to the Volga. He is now the study manager of the MMO Mercury orbiter, planned as one of the spacecraft for the ESA-ISAS international Mercury mission BepiColombo.

Terpelalien: King Vakhtang Gorgasali (440-502) of Kartli (Iberia) was the founder of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. As an astronomer, he determined the Perseid radiant and studied the solar eclipse of 1870 Dec. The Tora-san series became a huge success in Japan and received a National Honor Award in 1996.

Osha: Obelix is Asterix's devoted friend in the cartoon series Les aventures d'Asterix by Uderzo and Goscinny. He created the current version of Japanese Ephemeris, published by the Japanese Hydrographic Department, and contributed to the introduction of general relativity into the current IAU system of time systems, reference frames and astronomical constants. At the confluence with the Volga it meets the city of Nizhny Novgorod.

Kerieth: Korsør, a town on the southwestern coast of Sjælland almost exactly 100 km from Copenhagen, is the birthplace of Brorfelde observer Karl Augustesen. Thanks to the clinician Jean-Martin Charcot, the clinic became one of the greatest neurological centers of the time in Europe. She teaches at the Harry F. Byrd Middle School, Richmond, Virginia.

Fotos: Tony L. Farnham (b. 1964), an astronomer at the University of Maryland, has studied the dynamics of cometary dust and determined comet rotation states. ) of Ephesus. He attends the Cody High School, Cody, Wyoming, U.S.A.

Dirtigg: Named in honor of Mario Di Martino, astronomer at the Osservatorio di Torino, who in recent years has been a prolific observer of minor planet lightcurves. His work on the formation of Australian deserts and dunes has resulted in greater understanding of present-day climate patterns. Yoron island is located in the north of Okinawa prefecture.

Okasindra: The Oka river has its source in the central Russian Upland. With a total length of 1490 km, it is the largest right tributary of the Volga. Being a keen amateur astronomer, he devotes every minute he can spare, after fulfilling his professional and family duties, to the study of astronomy.

Kemhenhat: Don Herbert (aka "Mr. Wizard", 1917-2007) was the creator and host of Watch Mr. Wizard and Mr. Wizard's World, programs that brought science to millions of children from 1950 to 1990 and that inspired generations of budding scientists. He regulated the oasis Fajum, which became rich agricultural land. It is also used to show people the beauty and wonder of the universe.

Rikyaru: Named in memory of Sen-no Rikyu (1522-1591), a celebrated Japanese tea master who perfected the tea ceremony and was the founder of Senke style during the Azuchi-Momoyama period. In particular, Giorgini's software was key to the success of the radar imaging of (1620) Geographos in Aug. Named for riparia riparia, or sand martin.

Shehn: Shenzhou, meaning "Miracle Ship", is the name of the first series of Chinese manned spaceships. Its height is 2530 m and it looks like a hanging bell. He invented diverse apparatus that became standard equipment for sports activities.