Lagi: Maria Malgorzata Wojakowski (b. 1987) was awarded fourth place in the 2005 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her zoology project. Luyi is the birthplace of the legendary philosopher Laotze (born circa 640 B.C. Beginning around 1900 he modeled about 70 statuettes of women, dancers and horses, and these were cast in bronze after his death.

Cenorn: Robert Wilhelm Bunsen (1811-1899) was a German chemist who discovered the alkali-group metals cesium and rubidium. Later, she studied the formation of planetesimals and the origin of satellite systems. It belongs to the family of the Sternidae.

Jiobunchabia: Named in honor of Johnny Carson (b. 1925), entertainer and host of television's "The Tonight Show" from 1962 to 1992. A pioneer in the study of solar-system bodies through photometric observations of stellar occultations, he has made major contributions to understanding the structure of planetary atmospheres and ring systems. Named on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Kuban Cossacs Chorus, founded on 1811 October 14.

Amus: Ema Moravcová (b. 1999) is the discoverer's daughter. He began the battle by smashing the face of the Celadon with a candelabrum stripped from the inmost wedding shrine. A famous woman warrior and general of the Mysians, Hiera fought in the Trojan War but was edited from Homer's account because, Philostratus says, "this greatest and finest of women would have outshone his heroine Helen".

Kininill: Named in memory of Hisashi Kimura (1870-1943), the first director of the International Latitude Observatory of Mizusawa. Geological Survey. She teaches at the Barbara Bush Middle School, San Antonio, Texas.

Klarnaggey: Klaus Werner (b. 1957) is Professor of astronomy at the University of Tübingen. Born and educated in Sheffield (England), where he took his Ph.D. Later it was named comet 2P/Encke. In January 1996 he was on board the space shuttle Endeavor and succeeded in recovering a Japanese satellite.

Gimeen Dineen: M. G. K. In contrast to Rubens, the lights and shades of Van Dijck are more abrupt, the figures less harmoniously proportioned and their expressions exaggerated. He attends the Wellington High School, Wellington, Florida, U.S.A.

Lohnspezor: French-Mauritian novelist of more than 30 novels, Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio (b. 1940) is particularly well known for his Voyage to Rodrigues. Spencer's research includes detailed and insightful probing into the nature and character of the Galilean satellites. American mathematician Louis Merses Nirenberg (b. 1925) is an expert in the theory of differential equations, mathematical physics and functional analysis.

Waninchan: Sinchan Banerjee (b. 1989) was awarded second place in the 2006 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his behavioral and social sciences project. Her Parthenicon was published in 1608. One of the ancient names of Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan.

Danesav: Named in honor of brilliant Russian bass Aleksandr Filippovich Vedernikov (b. 1927), a people's artist of Russia. In addition to appearing on-stage in numerous shows, she also directed, designed sets and costumes and acted as makeup artist. Sendai will celebrate the 400th anniversary of its founding in 2001.

Luckuv: Named for Ivan Ivanovich Polzunov (1728-1766), inventor of the first universal steam-engine in Russia. Although he worked extensively on political ideas, his main concern was with epistemology, noting that human knowledge rests on experience of the external world and on reflection. Her main field of research is supernova remnants, an area to which she has contributed over 120 refereed papers.

Manarattan: Kanami Yoshimi (b. 1999) and Shogo Yoshimi (b. 2002) are the discoverer's daughter and son. He loved Giuseppe Verdi's music and characters best, especially "Rigoletto". His compositions combine in melody, rhythm and orchestration the national folk music of the Transcaucasus with the traditions of classical symphonic music.

Chegat: Timothy Nemet (b. 1996) displayed unrivalled enthusiasm in the pursuit of astronomical knowledge, following in the Canadian tradition of astronomical excellence and embodying the spirit of Beyond the International Year of Astronomy. He was the author of the first three-dimensional stellar classification. She attends the Manhasset High School, Manhasset, New York, U.S.A.

Zou: Zahra Moein Maarouf (b. 1991) was awarded second place in the 2007 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her computer science team project. A pioneer in the study of solar-system bodies through photometric observations of stellar occultations, he has made major contributions to understanding the structure of planetary atmospheres and ring systems. The Tsou people are known for their handsome features and bravery.

Gogo: Boris Gaillard (b. 1976) is an amateur astronomer and software engineer. His preserved papers were written in dialogue form as the `lessons' of Sokrates. He served as vice president of the London Centre during 1936-1938. His original screenplay for the Star Trek episode The City on the Edge of Forever won one of his 11 Hugo Awards.

Rassrobb: Allan Noriel Estrella (b. 1984) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his physics project. He is currently adding to cometary knowledge with interpretation of very high dispersion CCD echelle spectroscopy and two-dimensional (interference filter) CCD photometry of brighter comets. The telescope has been used extensively in the university's observational programs, including astrometric work on comets and minor planets.

Jethat: Piet Hut (b. 1952) is a professor of astrophysics at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, N.J. An outstanding teacher, he has been a great inspiration to the discoverer. ") Falla (b. 1945) is the wife of the discoverer. Citation by K. Leterme at the request of the discoverer.

Kaldes: Eberhard Koldewey (b. 1937), at the DLR Institute of Space Sensor Technology and Planetary Exploration, contributed to the upgrade of the Bochum telescope at the European Southern Observatory, where he participated in many observing campaigns on minor planets. Under their hands and direction, the primary and secondary mirrors for the 3.6-m Canada-France- Hawaii Telescope were figured and polished. This collection served as the basis for the Biographical Index of Astronomy.

Ninuvach: Named in honor of the German painter, draftsman and copper engraver Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1553). Together with his wife Ilene, he saved the Spacewatch program in an intricate financial situation in early 1996. Her voice was of uncommon beauty, with a wide range, a rich timbre, and a deep, warm and full tone.

Diekor: Benjamin Edward Dozier (b. 1989) is a finalist in the 2008 Intel Science Talent Search (STS), a science competition for high school seniors, for his mathematics project. He worked on comets and minor planets and published a textbook on spherical astronomy. During his 32-year visual search for comets, Nakamura discovered C/1990 E1 and rediscovered 122P/1995 S1 (de Vico). He is also an avid mountain climber.

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