Tholoj: For 15 years, Mitsuo Kanai (b. 1946) was a lecturer and curator at the Gotoh Planetarium and Astronomical Museum in Tokyo. 625-547 B.C.). Sadly, he died unexpectedly during medical treatment shortly beforehand.

Karkjarnyk: German sculptor, painter and etcher Max Klinger (1857-1920) worked in Leipzig, partly in Rome. He made significant contributions to instrumentation for the Gemini Observatory and the JACARA project. Besides his many discoveries of minor planets, he has contributed to the follow-up work for the minor planets discovered at the Nihondaira Observatory.

Yeckek: Named for the highest summit in the Harz Mountains that offers a wide view on a large part of northern Germany. He composed jazz and dance music, as well as chamber and orchestral music. This was the first minor planet discovered at the Centro Astronómico de Yebes, an optical and radio observatory located 70 km from Madrid.

Kyouse: Kyoko Iwasaki (b. 1978) received a gold medal in the women's 200-m breast stroke at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. She has also been a global ambassador for NASA, a recruiter of astronauts and an inspirer of millions as an author of science fiction. Glaxo award in 1998, and he received the European Internet Journalist of the Year award in 2002.

Kiskara: Named in honor of the discoverer's wife, Davida H. Comba (b. 1928). Behind the city area there are huge, wild fields that form Kushiro's Marsh National Park. Petiska was also an excellent interpreter of the legends and myths of ancient Greece, Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Vredoogd: North of the Lahn river lies the Westerwald, a low mountain range with some volcanoes, blending into the "Siebengebirge", a range of seven extinct volcanic mountains. Born and raised in New Zealand, Kennedy became a civil engineer in Scotland. After his abdication, he was defeated in the war of Hogen against his brother, emperor Goshirakawa, and exiled for life.

Breidoogd: North of the Lahn river lies the Westerwald, a low mountain range with some volcanoes, blending into the "Siebengebirge", a range of seven extinct volcanic mountains. He was PI on the Solar Wind Composition experiment aboard Apollo 11-16. He is remembered for his strong character, optimistic attitude and infectious laughter.

Hotygier: Named for the Scottish astronomer William (Bill) M. Napier (b. 1940), who has made seminal contributions in several areas of astrophysics. During the second world war she served as a physicist for the U.S. His kites flew him over almost 5 meters in 1894.

Marmormaong: Norman Spinrad (b. 1940) is an American science-fiction writer. Military Academy at West Point and distinguished himself in the Mexican War. In the 1930s, he designed and supervised the construction of the Qiantang River Bridge, which is the first bridge of its kind ever designed and built by the Chinese.

Dadeng: Named for the city in Texas, Dallas is the international sister city of Sendai, Japan, affiliated since 1997. This town is fully blessed with natural beauty and is relatively free of light pollution. This minor planet is named in honor of Shi-Zhang Bei (b. 1903), a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a famous Chinese biologist, educator and an honorary director of the Academy's Institute of Biophysics, on the occasion of his 100th birthday.

Scasei: Alex Storrs (b. 1960) is an astronomer and professor at Towson State University. He observed variable stars, and he helped organize the Moonwatch team at the Allegheny Observatory in 1957. The Christian era 1990 corresponds to Japanese era 2650.

Gatt: Daniel Majaess (b. 1984) is a young Canadian observational astronomer who researches the Cepheid distance scale, variable stars, and the Milky Way's spiral structure and its many star clusters. Gotz was a skillful and diligent observer with the Bruce telescope and the 0.15-m astrograph. A born organizer, Brett has directed his activities toward advancing international cooperation in research; the fact that he is known as a "nice guy" with a great sense of humor may have helped.

Bakart: Rachael Ann Charles (b. 1985) was awarded third place in the 2003 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her botany team project. She is known for her multicolor photometric observations of symbiotic stars. After 1746, he worked primarily for the Prussian residences in Berlin and Potsdam ("Chinese Teahouse" in Sanssouci), evolving from the Baroque style into that of the Frederician Rococo.

Scheyeriki: Yukihito Koga (b. 1959), the executive announcer at the broadcasting station in Fukuoka, is also very well known as an amateur astronomer and as an astronomical anchorperson in Kyushu. A great observer of Mars, he discovered the famous 'canali' and drew some fine maps. He attends the Saint Pius X High School, Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A.

Sarnohma: Named for the province of Roman times that includes much of modern Hungary. One of the founding fathers of modern science fiction, he was also the author of numerous works of mainstream adventure fiction. She attends the Engle Middle School, West Grove, Pennsylvania.

Lervan: Named for the southernmost Austrian province. Since 1965 has been in charge of most of the programs regarding space exploration. Named for a lake, which proved to be a meteorite crater, in the western part of central Finland.

Hovkieto: Named after Hans Holbein Sr. (c. His interests included relativistic cosmology, planetary nebulae, solar physics, lunar geology and Martian meteorology. The park is a monument to the landscaping and architecture of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Stiapliack: Named in memory of Joseph Stepling (1716-1778), founder and the first director of the astronomical observatory at the Jesuit college in Prague called Klementinum (1751). He studied theology in Jena and Leipzig. The presence of ancient human settlements has left important historical and cultural witness.

McGacovarvarvor: Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace (1815-1852), daughter of George Gordon Byron, was an English mathematician and writer known mainly for her work on Babbage's analytical engine. His scientific stature earned him election to the Royal Society in 1916, but Carver was also an outstanding teacher, artist and humanitarian. She is an enthusiastic observer of variable stars and of stellar occultations by minor planets.

Goosisarm: Carly Beth Garrison (b. 1986) was awarded fourth place in the 2003 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her zoology team project. playwrights. Kirk Goodall (b. 1964) was the Mars Pathfinder Web Engineer, and was instrumental in setting up the relationships with other countries and industry for mirror websites that allowed Mars Pathfinder to provide information to millions of people around the world.

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