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Elizabeth Cotten, playing the guitar upside-down, with the EADGBE arrangement switched to EBGDAE, and plucking the high notes with her thumb, leaving the rest of the hand to arpeggiate the bassline and chords. What a great technique and style
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Remembering Elizabeth Cotten who was born 125 years ago this week. Here she is performing “Washington Blues,” a song she wrote in January 1965 at the age of 70.

I've become deeply convinced by agroforestry, it's one of the most promising shifts we can do to mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss. This year, I'm aiming to start a small forest garden.

The Agroforestry Trust is a good start, and also this:

in today's class at @ual_cci Santa dropped by and gave the students blender add-on presents, they've been very well behaved this year 🎅

they've asked me to teach "experimental human-computer interaction", am I doing this right? I've watched Existenz so many times I cannot imagine it any other way

this year I've mostly gone back to learning skills. I miss working on projects (and completing them) but I think my work will be stronger for taking some time out to extend my craft. It has been a time for growing and establishing new roots, rather than bearing fruits.

Mayan bee guardian Leydy Pech, takes on Monsanto for the destructive spread of GM Soya on deforested Mayan land.

When is this soya cattle/chicken feed pandemic going to stop? when we all stop eating Big Meat, that's when.
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Leydy Pech, apicultora maya que lideró la batalla contra Monsanto, ha recibido el Premio Goldman por su lucha contra la soya transgénica.

Esta es la historia de quienes muchos conocen como …

(video in Spanish). This is an incredible data visualisation of air humidity levels and flows, and you can see the Amazon literally acting as lungs, breathing in and out this big mass of air in a diurnal cycle. You can just make out the pulsating motion.
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| La Amazonía alberga más de 600.000 millones de árboles, y es gracias a estos que se crean impresionantes “ríos voladores” o grandes flujos aéreos de ag…

Walt's new body is almost ready, they've nailed the passive-aggressive 'why the hell have you stepped into my office?' mood.
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Realistic and interactive robot gaze and interaction by Disney Research.

Today I'm introducing MA Emergent Technologies at an online Open Day. Please let any potential students know!
THIS AFTERNOON: Join us at our Virtual Postgraduate Open Day! 👩‍💻

You’ll be able to attend postgraduate subject presentations, have live chats with tutors & hear more about our brand new interdisciplinary school✨

Find out more and book your place now:

the Kogi people of Colombia had this film made to send an urgent message to the world, I highly recommend it

And we have some new MAs at CCI ^_^
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It's Open Day Season at @ual_cci & @UAL ✨
Join us on our Open Day sessions to find out more about our courses and get to know Course Leaders and students.

🎟 Sign up on

See you on the Internet very soon! 🌈

Lol, we get these emails from the top on a weekly basis. I confess I'm not even reading them anymore
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Every venue this year has tried to make a virtual online space, or has applied for funding grants to do something exciting with virtual-online spaces. This trumped it.
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Ha ha ha OMG! The grand debut of Four Seasons Total Landscaping was AMAZING! Thank you to everyone who showed up!

this job vacancy also ends Nov 15th, please apply :-D

We're looking for a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Immersive Storytelling to join our SODA team. Interested? Find out more 👉

the closing date for this job is 15th Nov, please consider this job as whoever gets it will be working really closely with me on teaching the other pathway on MA Emergent technologies! Lets make the best MA together 🫂

We're also looking for a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Extended Reality. See below for more:

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