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ok, passing the baton back, it has been a pleasure doomscrolling for you, hope you're all feeling a little more optimistic

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Dear US friend, go back to sleep, stop checking twitter. We can take on the election doomscrolling in the meantime ✌️

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AI autocompletes Windows 95 startup tune

Here’s what happens when the Windows 95 startup sound is fed to OpenAI Jukebox algorithms to generate its continuation. To train Jukebox on a number of music genres, OpenAI researc…

figuring out how to make audiovisual work with as is too expensive and requires too much work. This only took an hour. I love light dancing across a surface, the rest of the animation is done with node shaders. the song is one of mine ^_^

I'm getting cognitive dissonance looking at photos of the Colombian army pulling out coca plants. They look like they've been called in to do some community gardening
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En zona rural del municipio de La Hormiga (Putumayo), el Consejero Presidencial para la Seguridad Nacional, @RafaGuarin, acompaña a los grupos móviles de erradicación de cultivos ilícitos y a los equipos de seguridad de la @PoliciaColombia y el…

Artesanía Neoandina

Para el renacimiento cosmoandino en Chile, les mando esta poción pachamameña 💓 saludos especiales a con quienes estamos haciendo un cortometraje solarpunk basado en Huasco! 🐋

Rendernotes: all done with blender-eevee, using a parametric node…

Consider joining SODA as a lecturer in immersive storytelling

We're looking for a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Immersive Storytelling to join our SODA team. Interested? Find out more 👉

I was researching the Slovakian Tesla company and came across these incredible radars. With the rust, overgrown multi-stemmed trees, and ordinary cars, this photo looks very @simonstalenhag

great news about Chile! Not only did they vote to rewrite the Pinochet constitution, but to have it decided by a people's assembly.

This image I found today is so eye-opening I thought I'd share it. It's a golf course in the desert, north of Las-Vegas. Is this what Earth in 2100 will look like on our current extractivist and kleptocratic trajectory?

experimenting with texture tiling software + a P5 thingy I had made before, I kinda like this

first Jacinda Arden's landslide victory, now the landslide victory of the socialist party in Bolivia, regaining power from the US-backed right wing coup. Feeling hopeful :D
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Local residents have turned up at MAS HQ in La Paz, to celebrate the victory of the people against the coup.

trying to get moodle, panopto, powerpoint, and firefox, all to get along and work, to replace what was simply 'showing up and giving a lecture' in pre-covid times. Also, pay doesn't fully cover the ~hours~ spent to get all this to work and recorded😕

A statement to shareholders: "We are successfully profiting from the many ways in which society, democracy, and the planet is falling apart. This is great for our business."
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Serco’s share price is soaring today after it unexpectedly upgraded its 2020 profit forecast.

The statement to investors speaks for itself. The UK is a basket case.

wooah. more theoretical physics illustrated with games engines please
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Physically accurate black hole with volumetric accretion disk, made using @UnrealEngine . Black hole spin warps space time, causing further space warp and doppler shift of light, present in the video (Spin = 0.4).

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