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as its zero-fee day on bandcamp, and we all need some gloomy piano-drone music to get through 2020, check out my album :P

blender friends (all two of you)- this new tutorial finally gives us a neat way to do circular arrays:

me today shifting between slack, zoom, Teams, skype, job 1, job, personal work. I'm done 💀

job alert- Associate Lecturer role at LCC in user experience design. I taught this class this term last year and it was great - a practical course where students apply critical thinking to UX design:

next blender shader challenge - psychedelic clams
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We're one of several official non-state partners of the Leaders Pledge for Nature.

64 political leaders from across the planet have committed to reversing biodiversity loss by 2030.

Read more:

Watch :

make your web forms Hispanic surnames friendly 😅
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Is it me, or is quoting and discussing books you’ve read, now a big part of art conference talks? Not saying that’s a bad thing

congratulations Fiber Festival on a successful blended approach, and great curation of works and speakers. 😃
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Can’t be here in person today? Our conference programme is being livestreamed & complemented with talks & screenings here: Please consider donating: the conference is based on a pay-as-you-wish principle. Make the festival happen, now and in the future!

come work at SODA😃
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TWO creative technology lecturing jobs coming up at @SODAmcr Manchester School of Digital Arts. Looks good - apparently there is space for research (also you'd get to work with the brilliant @M_PF).


if nut production can be carbon negative (see left of graph) - i.e. it net removes C02 from the air - could humans shift to a more nut-based diet and eat its way out of the climate crisis? Imagine if all those beef eaters ate nuts for protein.
t̵e̵c̵h̵ nuts will save us.
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Emissions from beef production vary across different farms and countries. This chart shows the spread of emissions produced in the making of vario…

To my friends and peers, I really hope we can use SODA as a new home for the practice, research, and teaching of digital art practice. At a time of precarity in the arts and academia, we're lucky to have a new home in the making. Feel free to contact me if you're interested ^_^

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The new SODA building will include a modest gallery space, and so we have this incredible job opportunity for a >>Lecturer in Theory and Practice & Gallery Curator<<

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SODA opens 2021, and will have BA and MA courses in filmmaking, animation, games design, games art, photography, emergent technologies, music and sound design, and others. I'm grateful to be joining the team early on to work on the development of SODA.

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📡Some personal news plus a job vacancy announcement:

I've been appointed as a lecturer and a programme lead for MA Emergent Technologies, at the new School of Digital Art (SODA) @SODAmcr, in Manchester. Yay :D

And I'll continue my AL role at @ual_cci

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How do from meat, dairy and other foods compare?

The climate impact of beef and lamb dwarfs that of other foods.
But producing is more than twice as carbon intensive as producing lamb (@_HannahRitchie @OurWorldInData).

Find out why ➡️

the new Paglen solo is like the output of a Machine Learning algo trained on prior artworks. I see Pareidoloop by Phil McCarthy, Flower by Shinseungback Kimyonghun, The Character and Shape of Illuminated Things (Facial Recognition) by Amanda Ross-ho.

This render finally brings together various influences- the Neo-Andina architecture of Mamani, permaculture design principles, and ‘forest gardens’. I think these are some of the most groundbreaking ideas, but aren’t often featured in concept art. It was difficult to capture…

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