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The frame is ready ^_^ now to make the base, roof, watering system, and add the plants who have patiently been waiting for their new home

help! anyone know how to make a unique filename for when saving images? like save(timenow + '.png') or even save(string(random(1000))+'.png'). I don't know why this has never been an entry-level example/method in processing as this is what most P5 artists require. @p5xjs

Getting there. I’ve discovered I can happily sit outside and paint for hours

Im currently alone at the virtual private view and it feels awkward, this is too much like real openings

whoop, currently entering the Copy Paste group soup curated by @hellocatfood, which includes some Shiv Integer files
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Thanks for the reminder!

I've posted this on :

First Order Kiss by Shardcore

The artist Shardcore has used a Machine Learning technique called First Order Motion Model to animate celebrities singing the Prince song kiss.

Joanna Moll discussing her project exposing how online dating companies sell-on user profiles.
For @TPGallery on Twitch: (playback speed of 1.5 is doable, otherwise its an hour long)

teaching classic generative art techniques at @ual_cci whilst teaching Machine Learning at @D_I_Studio gives me the chance to experiment in my spare time with the two approaches interacting with each other. I quite like this one!

even City Describer bot has noticed the mountains, now that the air has cleared
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a large building with a mountain in the background

I give up with shaders (for filtering the canvas) and p5js. These were the most easy set of p5js-ready examples I could find

why are all shader examples showing off how fancy shaders can be? I just want to do some subtle image processing, not make an interactive psychedelic voronoi pattern 😄

I’m having the best Sunday sat outside painting this thing

Everest is a huge inspiration always
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been working on an experimental bookmarking tool

Wonderful thread about a creative process and great outcome too🤘
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Here’s a process thread for METAL... to get you in the mood for going out to da club later

proof-of-concept to connect P5JS to runwayML's SPADE-Landscapes model, and send it P5's boring rects and ellipses to be processed. Now on to doing classic P5 trickery and see what the SPADE makes of it

Wow, rewilding is showing us unimaginable sights such as a gentle micro-climate breeze carrying clouds of willow seeds - beautiful 💚 great work @Q_petr
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The woods today were a blizzard of sally (willow) seeds, gently swirling through the trees and flowers, in and out of the sunlight and shade.

Magical doesn't describe it.

Three years ago, when I had access to a (barely functioning) spraypaint booth.
Finished 💟

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