top job vacancy where I work ^_^
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Hi creative computing folks! We at @ual_cci are hiring a new Creative Computing Programme Director! Lots of scope for an interesting interdisciplinary person who loves working with students and loves art/design/tech. Please retweet!

Im going to teach myself all of @Mrdodobird's lazy tutorials this week, it's going to get weird and ugly at times, but even a rotating cube looks interesting with some lazy fog, lazy shakey-cam, and oh, a lazy scan I made.

this looks like good gig "to imagine alternate possibilities for the digital planet and new ways of living together. As the planet flows through human, technical agents, and other beings...for which Earth do we create our intellectual, cultural, and artistic interventions?"
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Two weeks left to apply to Digital Earth​ Fellowship 2020-2021! Are you an artist engaged with the growing presence of the digital and its…

this runway->p5 pipeline I'm working on makes everything look like embroidery, totally unrelated to @golan and friends making processing-based embroidery software

UK is now textbook kleptocracy- "...a government ruled by corrupt politicians who use their political power to receive kickbacks, bribes, and special favors at the expense of the populace, or simply direct state resources to themselves, relatives or associates." (wikipedia)

Check out this new work by @laturboavedon built in Fortnite Creative, the first of a set of big online commissions from @gabrielle_jenks + @MIFestival ! And with web design by the talented @christoph_knoth. This has been a joy to support and advise on over the last year!
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Very excited to be a part of with @MIFestival! Over the coming months I’ll be sharing new works and programming within a simul…

The government is keeping the Covid19 figures really low by only publishing 'pillar 1' data which are results for tests done in the NHS. 'Pillar 2' is the data from "testing by commercial partners". So they're privatising the testing so that 90% of cases aren't made public!
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But the govt is sitting on a much more complete dataset including pillar 2, which tells a completely different story

More than 90% of new cas…

this is so dodgy, good spot @WhoTargetsMe 🕵️‍♂️
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Let’s see what some of 2019’s biggest political advertisers in the UK are up to these days...

"The real hero of Jaws is the mayor. "- Boris Johnson, now following in his hero's footsteps.
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Bournemouth beach today. (via PA pix)
Not sure this is even '1m plus' social distancing.

what fresh hell version of capitalism is this?
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BREAKING: Amazon has purchased the naming rights to the New Arena at Seattle Center where @NHLSeattle_ will play.

The name: Climate Pledge Arena

Excellent new work and thoughts from @cgwtf. I can hear his graphics card fan humming in the background, turning rendered pixels into heat, into air flows, blowing gently into the room in which the artist crafts an illusion of being outdoors.
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LIVE NOW: Alan Warburton @cgwtf presents 'Country Diary' for our I Should Be Doing Something Else Right Now Live series - a new work challenging the way in which CGI and AR hav…

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Another Soft Bank backed disaster.

“Wirecard on Monday warned that €1.9bn of cash on its balance sheet probably does “not exist””

Also - can we all stop believing people talking about magic AI just because they’re white, rich & wear polo necks?

This has been a joy to work on, from co-defining the brief on 'AI Snake Oil', through to tutoring and supporting design students with all things AI, through to putting together this online show. Great work from the staff and students of @D_I_Studio 👏


Even city describer bot can appreciate the performative gesture, and coming together of people. Good bot, you can keep your job
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a group of people performing on stage in front of a building

hmm who deleted this UK data dashboard and all the data? Click on the link now and it still mentions the dashboard, but it is no longer there. Is this how we stay alert? In the dark?
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We’ve produced a new () data dashboard, including new cases and cases by upper tier local authority. We are also working on a mobile-optim…

the wholesome content we all need right now
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Two minutes of playful baby deer at dawn

A good challenge for the Generative art community, using the new @p5xjs embroidery library that @golan announced this week! Lets make generative allotment layouts 🥬🥦
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The plot thickens! The end is in sight of my latest embroidery. Allotment a bird's eye view.

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