Testing the QR marker within the AR marker. Seems to work fine. The larger AR marker makes the thing less shaky

So this is Google’s preparation for future climate catastrophes - profitting by selling water via drones to reach people stuck in storms and fires 😒 see next tweet in thread for how I came to that conclusion...
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JUST IN: Google spinoff’s drone delivery business gets first FAA approval bloom.bg/2ZvdpnB

you can try yourself - open this image on your desktop, then point your smartphone at it with the camera on. let me know if it works. if it doesn't, let me know which browser/device it didn't work on, thanks!

Ahh it works!! QR code triggers the browser, browser goes to in-browser AR page, content appears on device without installing an app 🙌 stickers coming soon for you to augment everything.
First some tweaking to make signs correct size.

After 8 days of being involved in actions, I thought i’d be tired but in fact feel invigorated and inspired. Here’s a photo of my epimedium and my arrest-training wristband.

Not the speakers 🔊 😭 @ExtinctionR@twitter.com @XR@twitter.com

On a hot day like today, this simple bowl of water will get visited by blackbirds, magpies, robins, jays (if about), pigeons, squirrels and honey bees (sometimes continuously). So i cannot recommend enough, leaving out water for nonhumans 💧💧💦🌞🐝🐦

The dad in this video makes a very clear and compelling call to action, saying everyone can find a role to play within this rebellion 💚✊🐝
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Absolute Heroes people openly putting themselves forward to be arrested

Apple haven’t approved the app yet but you can already be a beta tester if you download an Apple app called 'testflight' and then enable Echo Youth through testflight using this link:

Ive been collecting signs from and and adding them to app Echo Youth. I took the project to the Waterloo Bridge protest site. Great day , still work to be done!

More DIY Solarpunk infrastructure ⬛️🌞⬛️

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Woah solar power blocks fossil fuel road to no where Marble Arch roundabout.
Never thought I would see this sight.

On , peacefully protesting in while Londoners commute home by foot and on bikes

Designed the marker for the in-browser version. The extra squares help make the software get the orientation right, as the symbol has a line of symmetry

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