disconcerting similarities to 3D printing conferences 👀
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Women demonstrating styrofoam. In styrofoam hats, surrounded by decorative styrofoam household objects. 1950s. Dow Chemical Company Archives. SHI. Back to it, and excited to start this new chapter.

For the speculative art/designers engaged in Mars projects (@daisyginsberg@twitter.com @jennasutela@twitter.com ) - actual 3D models of Mars using photogrammetry 🤯
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@MarsCuriosity @NASA @NASAJPL Putting the final touches to t@daisyginsberg@twitter.coma@jennasutela@twitter.comotogrammetry models (based on real @MarsCuriosity data & pictures) @Substance3D @NASA

This printer has really gone downhill since yesterday 😩 (yesterday/ today, same file)

Absolutely spot on 4mm, phew, the gcode print settings must be OK. Side story: my Colombian granddad gave me these calipers and encouraged me to study engineering. He was an industrialist and brought European machinery to Colombia. These calipers probably came with the machines

Bringing back a 3D printer from its start-up vapourware obsolescence death . So grateful specialist github communities exist for keeping things running and open source

Is this a US plug 🔌? It doesn’t fit my converter 🤨
I may chop it off and solder on the UK three-pin monstrosity

•Sponsored by @ReflowFilament@twitter.com• thanks for the recycled plastic filament , looking forward to developing some new work with this x

Somewhere in Toronto, AR protest stickers!! Thanks @VectorFestival@twitter.com /MZ for the action ✖️

Can we move out of the age of mililtary-protected BP oiltankers soon 🙄
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Serious escalation: Iranian vessels attempted to seize a UK oil tanker overnight.

MoD confirms three IRGC boats approached British Heritage, BP-owned tanker, in Gulf.

Royal Navy warship HMS Montrose, came between & issued verbal warning, prompting Iranian boats to back off.

Downloading and ordering the contents of my prefrontal cortex onto paper. Been busy thinking 🧠 💭

Trees grow a lot faster than I expected , it has been only 2 months and the box of roots I bought now looks like a small forest, some are up to my waist already!

Which AI planet are you on??!
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Dr Ranni Leontardia lays out relative investment scales in AI but tells us not to give up on the UK due to skills and data advantage @icaew_corp_fin

Love jays, they’re known to plant oaks everywhere. But didnt know they sound this amazing, I may have to sample this for a Solarpunk album 🎙🐦
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Sound on!
This clip is one of our very best clips in my opinion..
It even imitates an 🦉this time.

Checked up on the 4 hawthorns I planted, and they’re all still alive and established. I really need to geotag these though, it’s getting harder to find them ! (Photo: before/after)

Gosh, I don’t think Ive had the pleasure of listening to such a talented lineup of collaborators before, @thenitinsawhney@twitter.com + 👇 + the incredible percussionist not pictured, put on such a great performance.
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🎶🤗 @thenitinsawhney @YVAOfficial @Turyamusic @MIFestival @thenitinsawhney@twitter.com

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