🔳 SQ-B. A surprise gift for collectors of SQ-A. Minting soon. TY @ArtNodee @FluffheadChaser @EggsUnknow @evanraskob @oldo @ItalianCollecto @celad00r @IOivm and others!

It was me, I bought the whole collection, Ganbrood’s experimental AI art is excellent
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Since two weeks I have been minting some of my more experimental GAN work in a new account.
I was very surprised tot find all editions sold out today, so I swapped the two remaining editions of "Slightly Agitated" and I will be adding a new piece soon!


is this the year the planetary weather systems broke ?
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HEN is the best support network we could ever wish for, thank you 🥲

No way, top place for sales on HEN, and that's with a late-night unannounced drop, and a very quiet week.
Still available at 9tz 80/80 (may burn later) hicetnunc.xyz/objkt/174632
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new releases in the last 24 hours (ranked by gross sales) 💎
1048 new releases today!
See the full list and more on http://ArtCentral…

here's another experiment with the process. I like the colours on this one

Cooking up something special, the code has been difficult to figure out, but it’s working now.

Here’s the math, I don’t understand it either.

Academics may sound like broken records about how precarious work is, but this is the sort of email to expect from management. Where’s the thank you for getting us through covid🥲

Ps, I haven’t lost my job, this is a routine email to say there’s no guarantee for further work.

Im in a major contemporary art book, published by oxford university press, this feels momentous. Page 36 of this mammoth book, Im in chapter 1 “the world changes, the art world expands”. Honoured to be considered as a pioneer of new art practice 🌐

Thanks to @NFTBiker we basically have a league table for cave collectors, and @digitalcoleman is 1st place with 22 caves! Thank you Chris, and thank you all, Im amazed how many of you have over 5 caves 🤯

One of my early works - Venus of Google (2013)

I used computer vision to iteratively morph a mesh into a figurine. 3D printed in colour.

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