argh, just stop. You cannot streetview your way into intensive farming, the issues are more complex than this 😖

@M_PF is it really such a bad idea? I was disappointed to not see anything in the way of hard results in the article or the website (it's all "can increase crop yield" and "data collected", but not actual crop yields increased), but the kind of efficiencies they're targeting can make a real difference in reducing resource usage in other industries. not unreasonable to think the same thing could be done in farming.

@2ck the mineral page did have a lot more detail than the bbc report. my issue with it is that the greater issues are biodiversity, soil erosion, fertilizer run-off, carbon sequestration, land ownership, and exploitation of migrant workers. Crop yield is not the main issue, and in any case, it is linked to all the above. There's been so much progress on all this coming from no-till movement, permaculture, agroecology and agroforestry, that if were an Xer, I'd start there, not at Big Agri.

@2ck the real moonshot is taking the tiny yet highly efficient and sustainable approaches being pioneered by outliers, and using tech to upscale it to outcompete big Agribusiness. This would do away with the need for oil, fertilizer, pesticides, vast land use, and boosting biodiversity, tree coverage, soil heath, etc.

@M_PF the movements/practices you describe are just words to me, but I hope I'll look into some of them.

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