Since getting into coding to make art I often bought the often-discussed view that writing-your-own-code rather than interface-based applications, gives the artist more control and leads to more unique work. I'm starting to find that this is nonsense.

In the blender community some artists do code (plug-ins/ .py), but those that don't do make shader nodes that *are* impressive algorithms - visually coded. And the parameter space of the interface alone is vast. I now find it snobby/lazy to slate this approach as less open-ended.

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have you ever worked in Houdini? Even without using VEX, just by adding nodes and clicking around the interface one can get results which are pure amazeballs

@karafuto houdini looks great but its too expensive for me !

@M_PF ah but they have a free apprentice version, it's basically the same but you have a watermark on your export files and there are some other minor export related things. Still good for just playing around!

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