Im finally getting the hang of this. Turns out medical-grade alcohol is very important for 3D printing

Ah what’s the name of this book coming out called something like “what if?” about imaginative future thinking

Reporting trolls, bots and fake accounts does work, maybe 1 out of 3. They may resurface as a new account, but at least they loose some of their troll status

does anyone have recommendations for small web design studios that do experimental web design but still robust-dependable? Useful if they can do 3D WebGL content too. Thanks!

I think the Legacy project is so distasteful- the legacy for most is inheriting a global environmental catastrophe, and LDF do a project about gifting to 10 wealthy museum directors, bespoke furniture made from oak for their grandchildren or museums to inherit.
.@L_D_F Chairman, Sir John Sorrell and V&A presents Legacy that sees 10 designers collaborating with leaders of London’s cultural instit…

Is it just me or do you immediately see a pause icon in this image? It is, in fact, a reflection in the glass at the back, of a window on the other side of the room.

After countless versions, i think this one will do. It has a little latch so that when you push and twist the willow, it gets stuck inside the socket.

I wish the 3d printer had just told me from the start to slow down the first layer in the gcode, it would've saved me countless bad-starts

If you need computer-art install ideas, follow cursed computers. Here’s one for when the gallerist asks you make wall-mounted art

That second clip 😵 !!!
When animals are looked at like mere objects, this is the horrific treatment they go through.

Please make the compassionate choice to leave all animal products off your plate.

Saw this image in the XR forums - silk-screening of flags for the rebellion 💙

Reading now’s “Who really feeds the world?” - telling the story of industrial agriculture from non-Western-Colonial perspectives, reveals the violence of industrialisation, and the lamentable loss of time-honoured and truly sustainable agroecology. cc

Today Im participating in a regenerative food systems workshop hosted by , surrounded by inspiring people. This is great💚

I thought the badger cull pilot schemes had proven its nonsense that badgers spread diseases to cows (they come out at night and stay clear of cows). This must be a *just-in-case* precaution to ensure meat-eaters can have disease-prone beef.

Give up beef 🥩 = save badgers 🦡
Badger cull in England extended to ‘unimaginable scale’

The queen’s speech could be the ultimate revenge burn 🔥

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