I really like how my new "enhance" technique makes "lettering" look more like mercury. Printing these images 700mm tall has been a fruitful challenge

Dave's Doo-doo! reminder that my soundcloud bot David Doo-Doo generates doo-doo tunes: soundcloud.com/daviddoo-doo the song "doo-dooo doooo doo-doo doooo doooo" is particularly good.
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THANKS DAVE youtube.com/watch?v=-Gz6mZYxS0

Episode2: I hope to one day make generative sculpture as good as this frozen lake.
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Photo by Joel Bissell

tubby pink blob man has visited all my render shows, still looking for a free render beer - me: "mate, we're not open yet"

I hope to one day make generative sculpture as good as this frozen puddle.
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Crazy frozen puddle in my driveway.

So @Accenture@twitter.com are saying -
tired: Dark power
wired: DARQ power
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Num@Accenture@twitter.comQ Power...
💸Distributed Leger technology
🎭Extended reality

when I searched for "python face emotion" I was not expecting this at all, but this is better than anything I can generate in python.

I think that to get out out of the ongoing tangle of versions/ modules/ broken code/ install woes, I'm going to start using Google Colaboratory (colab). Any tips/ probs?

This robot just wanted to paint imaginary planets, or crispr gene-edited cabages, or colourful beach balls.
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Embracing the robot code error that created only circular compositions.

Blender is the one app that fixes all my problems- 3D, 2D, animation, video editing, generative art, 3D scanning.... Its the swiss army knife of digital art.

So grateful@xuv@merveilles.town got me into it

Wow, What a way to have your face end up in an IBM database: have your photo taken, have a photo of that photo taken, then have an IBM bot find it because it was saved on flickr under CC. Thx B
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Turns out @ibm used one of my @creativecommons licensed photos to train it's "Diversity in Faces" AI dataset; a picture of HRH Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on a wall I took while working in KSA in 2012. 😂

It’s not just the planet that is melting, this is too cute 😭

Snowden in the style of leaked NSA files, getting redone for the beautiful Kunstverein Hannover. This series plus some other works. V exciting ^_^

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