With thanks to my Sardinian friends who kindly invited me over for a residency, which I used to photoscan rocks (ツ) . Turns out you can use them at a larger scale (with some texture tweaks). Also, grass upside-down just about works as a lazy seaweed :-P

Why is the ‘decayin…

“Every Mickey” - a work from 2015 - turned out to be popular on reddit group TIHI (thanks, I hate it).
Blender is being difficult today so this ended up looking like a waterlogged grassland ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

the explosion in Beirut is, amongst other priorities, a reminder than nitrogen fertilizer originates from WW2 bomb factories, whom after the war needed a new use for ammonia. I've always been uncomfortable with the thought of the world feeding itself with old war-tech.

Enjoy Yourself: Performing Normativity and Aesthetics in New Media

sounds good, I'd read it
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Found this on social media - what is the title of your paper?


Met my second cousin for the first time today and she says “oh, Ive seen your work before on reddit, trending as ‘nightmare fuel’”

I had no idea ! Could be this post on r/Weird


Blender +eevee+ greasepencil + unreal 🤯
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This is a straight render, made 100% inside , using and lots of custom scripting to turn it into game friendly assets 😉
(= it looks just the same inside )

Im slowly beginning to acquire the tools and language to illustrate ideas I have. This still looks too cyberpark and industrial for my liking, but at least we have weeds, uncut grass, and PV panels.

This one came from nowhere, I was practicing basic modelling techniques and it evolved into a computer terminal. Added some cinematography tricks and boom, it’s prog-electronica album artwork. Cue synth arpeggios.

I like this framing. I'd say within technology-aided practices we also have those of a 'garden mind' (generative, open source, activist). I take machine mind as 'industrial mind' (reductive, extractive, invasive) which we see in practices that are foremost involved in "mining".
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To build a new world, we need less ‘machine mind’ and more ‘garden mind’, writes Sue Goss


I've figured out it is really easy to make those pop-up cookie acceptance boxes go away:
- right-click on it and press 'inspect element'
- find the parent div and right-click for 'delete element'

Still image version, the compression on the video version destroyed some of the detail

I really like oak trees, especially when they're old and covered in ivy. This has been quick and fun to sculpt. I used the hair particle engine + weight painting to generate the ivy.

For my solarpunk friends. Nubia e hijos, a rural Colombian farming family of a mother and two sons, being gifted solar energy for life. Heartwarming ^_^ youtube.com/watch?v=RFqfEDacCM

Ive done the @Mrdodobird lazy duck tutorial but I modelled instead a goldfinch picking seeds out of a teasel. It’s a bit lo-fi but when it’s part of a bigger scene the viewer won’t notice instagram.com/p/CCeG7ZrljWs/?i

love this lo-fi process of 3D scanning you and your mates dressed up in makeshift costumes, then rigging these in CG so they can move, and then puppeteering them with an affordable mocap suit to get life-like movement. Inspiring!
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Whew!!!! Definitely the hardest thing I've ever tried with CG, but here we go! Rigged photoscanned characters playing nicely with mocap data! This has been a dream for so friggin' long, …

top job vacancy where I work ^_^
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Hi creative computing folks! We at @ual_cci are hiring a new Creative Computing Programme Director! Lots of scope for an interesting interdisciplinary person who loves working with students and loves art/design/tech. Please retweet! ual.tal.net/vx/lang-en-GB/mobi

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