🔳 SQ-B. A surprise gift for collectors of SQ-A. Minting soon. TY @ArtNodee @FluffheadChaser @EggsUnknow @evanraskob @oldo @ItalianCollecto @celad00r @IOivm and others!

releasing in 2 mins. 24/24, 32tz
see you on the other side 🧗‍♂️🔲

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A new🔲Cave has been discovered.
edition of 24
on sale today at 13.30 UK time (in 4 hours time)


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britcoin is the obvious pun, but I'd call the new UK cryptocoin $brexos

It was me, I bought the whole collection, Ganbrood’s experimental AI art is excellent
RT @ganbrood
Since two weeks I have been minting some of my more experimental GAN work in a new account.
I was very surprised tot find all editions sold out today, so I swapped the two remaining editions of "Slightly Agitated" and I will be adding a new piece soon!


is this the year the planetary weather systems broke ?
RT @thepapercn

HEN is the best support network we could ever wish for, thank you 🥲

TFW you get your monthly 1.4xtz for staking (hodling xtz), but xtz has dropped to $2.13 🥲

Im burning remaining copies in 2-3 hours, so currently some lucky people are getting a low edition for 9tz, haha. Good for them for collecting during bad crypto-weather 🪨🔄🗿💛

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No way, top place for sales on HEN, and that's with a late-night unannounced drop, and a very quiet week.
Still available at 9tz 80/80 (may burn later) hicetnunc.xyz/objkt/174632
RT @artcentralio
new releases in the last 24 hours (ranked by gross sales) 💎
1048 new releases today!
See the full list and more on http://ArtCentral…

Thanks for collecting, it helps make all the hours coding and trying things out worth it.

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