MCaM have put together a great group show - happy to be in this lineup with friends and peers 👋 hi and full list below 👇

Brush pen is definitely my comfort zone. For context- a usually sketch ideas for sculptures (no I don’t leave it up to some bot all the time)

Yikes, sketching with charcoal, then brushing over with water gets very David Lynch, I may have start again, or go back to pastels

The gig economy: neoliberal technosocial arrangements designed to bypass labour laws and human rights, and not pay workers fairly. Please help friend thricedotted shame their ‘employer’ (or whatev term they use to avoid responsibility)- a like/RT of this thread would help. 👇
all right folks, i'm about to post a thread that's going to endanger the last reliable source of income i have. spoiler: it's yet…

Chart comparing how climate crisis differs for this generation, to next generation (our kids) and generation after (grandkids).

Contrast this to the “7th generation” principle of Native Americans that says that in every decision you consider how it affects 7 future generations.
@EricHolthaus For me it was this slide from a lecture I saw at my university. If I look at it too long I start crying

Bots and climate crisis, my kind of talk ^_^
On Dec 4 @datasociety will livestream a talk by @JoeMulhall_ on how the extreme right uses networked (trolls, bots, marketing) to deny & exploit the . Put it on your calendar!

sometimes its good to doodle in processing, its a great tool, great for spirograph type stuff

Is there any must-read essays on the AI Art scene? Preferably not one that engages in hype on behalf of the art markets, nor one that is like 'can machines really be creative?' I just want an informative read to help me with an essay. Thank you ^_^

We planted 15 more trees today, yes, there’s a group of us now 🙌 we also collected seeds and cuttings, to produce more trees

Nice, lets go on oil patrol and mass report all greenwashing campaigns as “issue ads” (now banned). We could clean up the spill of greenwash round here
Exxon, the 16th most profitable company in the world, has been paying Twitter to run ads alleging a vast conspiracy to destroy the oil company, orchestrated by rich environmentalists

Twitter's new ad policy means they can no longer do that.


MPF at the Institution of Engineering and Technology, James Clerk Maxwell library 👋 I studied engineering next door at Kings College London, where Maxwell developed his unified theory of electricity, magnetism and light. Im holding a prototype for open-source 3D printed stru…

tfw the startup's website has lots of impressive tech promises and visuals, but you look under the hood and realise its all vapourware. Thank you GitHub commits trail.

cc - weren't we making an AR app that does this? *puts back on to-do list*

Let@kozmoharris@twitter.comst of things that people can do to make their streets, gardens, balconies and@thejaymo@twitter.comreener, healthier and wilder! Add your suggestions below...

For inspiration, here's @watgdesigns Fleet Street vision…

Wow - Victor Jara wrote this song titled “el derecho de vivir en paz” (the right to live in peace). He was tortured and murdered by Pinochet. His spirit and message lives on.
Creyeron que asesinaron a Víctor Jara, pero lo hicieron eterno.

🙌 hopefully more and more countries will reject this toxic economic system.

Chile has been a testbed for neoliberalism with Pinochet taking economic advice from Friedman and the Chicago school, this Naomi Klein article is a great recap:
In Chile, a country of around 17 million people, more than 1 million people r out in the …

Parks in London don’t exist because benevolent rulers made green spaces for all to enjoy, no, they were fought for against enclosure, in protests and civil disobedience, by ordinary people to protect the shared commons

Garden centres in the UK will sell you a variety of Japanese Acer hybrids, but the native field maple (Acer Campestre) is rather special and is the larval foodplant for the scarce mocha moth. I have about 8 ready for rewilding, but may keep one 😌

I have time to kill so I'm going to 3D print a death whistle

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