January sales find! The Thames and Hudson book ‘Digital Handmade ‘

Here's another track. I'm done for the day. I've got me a 9 track demo (if changing all the parameters and samples counts as a new song)

This bot supercuts cspan footage down to segments depicting the most repeatedly uttered words. It works best on people that repeat themselves over and over
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update on that track: sounds way more Mika Vainio which is fine by me! Twitter only allows me to upload 45s of it.

update on what that sounds like, now that it is mostly implemented in software (best heard with headphones for binaural 3D spiralling positioning of sound over time)

Sketching ideas to implement in software generative systems to produce the music that I hear in my head that inspired the sketches 🔂

I have started an account on pixelfed (that you should be able to follow from mastodon, if I understand activitypub correctly) @PF

Just the sort of news you want to hear about your university, the week after handing in your PhD thesis :-)
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'Goldsmiths is once again the incubator of a new movement' - @guardian on @ForensicArchi, @CentreResArch and the redefining of art theguardian.com/artanddesign/2

On my way in to handover this life achievement, I did it 🤪

3 days left till PhD thesis hand-in! Should just about finish in time 😅

shout out to my friends and peers that travel to speak at conferences every month
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My generation won’t be able to fly other than for emergencies, in a foreseeable future if we are to be the least bit serious about the 1,5° warming limit.
I will try to make it to as many places as possible without flying. And also participate via video link.


Chuck Berry and Elvis basically copied Rosetta Tharpe 🤘 the first to use guitar distortion- the staple rock sound
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While we are here let's recognize and give props to Sister Rosetta Tharpe, a queer Black Woman who invented Rock & Roll.

Urgh whoever created ALICE shouldn’t be allowed to work in AI, let alone awarded the Loebner prize

Life goals, 3D print my replacement art-bones
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Bulgarian patient receives first 3D printed rib implant
3ders.org/articles/20181227-fi @3DGence @3dbgprint

Merry Christmas @Twitter@twitter.com, thanks for the wild year of the bot cull but not all animatronics are evil. Off to better pastures now.

A meaningful vote
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Would you rather crap a cup of fruit or be hot for a month?

throwback thursday to 's April fools joke, 2014, about Sergey Brin upgrading Snowden's mobility to a Big Dog. algopop.tumblr.com/post/814190

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