I've dusted off an old Wacom tablet to play with Blender's new grease pencil mode, and its like the dormant illustrator in me has finally found a purpose. I drew the comics and political cartoons for the student union newspaper at uni, 2001


back at @shardcore@twitter.com who keeps me in check
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as someone w@shardcore@twitter.comreleased a bot that uses AI, i say: "do keep up matthew!" 😂

just teasing - this is a good read (and it's friday, so @M_PF if you aren't already!) twitter.com/ArtinAmerica/statu

I picked the wrong day to change website servers 🙈

I wrote an article for AiA and its now online! 💥 I compare to practices, discussing how they relate to digital commons, data use, characterisation, commerce and community. It mentions @memotv@twitter.com, @tinysubversions@twitter.com, @everestpipkin@twitter.com and as many friends I cld sneak in 😋
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Bots vs. AI: Two kinds of software art take different approaches to the digital…

better go for my daily run, thanks to little sis for buying me an early February half-marathon entry for Christmas 🥴

having to relearn what DNS CNAME WWW etc etc is to point a domain to a different server. why is this is so complicated?

Love the replies to this, you can sense the “at last, this is the calling my game in *obscure format* has been waiting for”
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Hello, what are some examples of games that use non-game "engines" like PowerPoint or Excel or... other things?

'Roots and All' podcast is great - interviews with agroecologists, landscape architects, biologists. Highlights so far: episode 39 - Stephen Barlow (edible perennials), 40 - Robin Snowdon (biodynamic vineyard), 41- Kim Wilkie. Still lots to get through. Thanks @rootsandall@twitter.com

Doctors can fly 🦅

Thank you for all the support and kindness all these years to get this far xx🎓

Currently queuing for a PhD robe 👨🏻‍🎓

new bot/#AIArt by @erocdrahs@twitter.com mashes up celebrity faces with GAN wizardry. For some reason they don't look as attractive as their parents.
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Cameron Diaz (54%)@erocdrahs@twitter.com Cage (46%)

Looking forward to more XR pressure to divest!

turns out Big Money is unlikely to put the planet first but if they foresee a risk to their fortunes then they’ll act like there’s a crisis 🤨
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@ScientistsX and other Rebels spent a rainy day, last October, bloackading BlackRock. So we can take all the credit for this ;) @DrEmilyGrossman

Wow, 7 trillion. Divestment is happening
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BREAKING: World's largest asset manager ($7trillion) BlackRock signals major shift away from fossil fuels, starting with coal. Today's announcement is a major blow for fossil fuel industry, and follows amazing year of activist pressure. More soon fal.cn/361fM

the results are in, "Generative Art" has always been cool, according to *checks followers* generative artists
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Is the term "Generative Art" cool again? see the new Art in America front cover below

poll closes in an hour
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Is the term "Generative Art" cool again? see the new Art in America front cover below

Extinction Rebellion meeting yesterday was full of laughter, clarity, and resolve, so being labelled terrorist or extremist gets a big shrug from me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Is the term "Generative Art" cool again? see the new Art in America front cover below

the best art is not art
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Smoker's lung vs normal healthy lung!

where can I get a copy of Art in America? I have written an article for the latest issue ^_^

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