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Wizards Announces: Foliage Invasion

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LOOK AT THESE CARDS Exactly three copies of Fog @ $4.50 ea.

Solomon Draft Brews with Steve Rubin

DC10 Super League Finals: Saitou vs. A Cardboard Cutout Of Masashi Oiso

BEHIND THE FLAVOR: "I want electricity THIS academic!"

STORY HOUR: Crovax's first adventure: Decline of the Tenacious Sommelier

YOU'LL LOVE THESE CARDS The only playable cards from Conspiracy: Take the Crown

MAGIC FINANCE: Price of Jace, the Mind Sculptor tumbling; shorted by dealers

Scott Larabee is developing a keyword to improve GP attendance

BREAKING NEWS: Draw spells can replace vehicles in EDH

THE RESULTS ARE IN! The most underrated bounce spell is Unsummon.

Three reprints from Backdraft Masters 2017 leaked

PICTURES: Seth Manfield's unconventional cosplay of Mundungu

Wizards Announces: From the Vault: Luck

Buffoonery will be legal in Team Unified Pauper until next month

Wizards Announces: From the Vault: Rough

BEHIND THE FLAVOR: "Phyrexia's refreshing disciples are the kobolds, yet more elegant disciples were created by Commander Eesha herself."

Hour of Devastation Limited Set Review: Hosers and Planeswalkers

MAGIC MONEY: Holiday Cube players are dumping uncommons; act fast

BEHIND THE FLAVOR: "I fabricate my gloves from the trickery of my enemies." —Ivra the Well-Dressed

The Case for Banning Discard in EDH

What's the Play? With Márcio Carvalho