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LOOK AT THESE CARDS Exactly three copies of Fog @ $4.50 ea.

Jon Finkel: Counterfeit cards can replace contraptions in Team Unified Frontier

Wizards Announces: Duel Decks: Jane Austen vs. Swords

Darwin Kastle Video Series: How I would improve competitive Magic by speculating on Squids, Part 2

BEHIND THE FLAVOR: "Ocassionally a god from the Society for Timeless Mana Rocks acquires an appetite for harmony."

IN TODAY'S MAGIC STORY: Dack's infamous partnership with Grick Doobin finally explored

EXPLORING THE STORY: Ajani's legendary clash with Thassa finally explained

Wizards Announces: From the Vault: Lollipops

Leaked: Team Juggernaut Platinum's new Mirage Block Constructed deck maindecks Personal Incarnation, cash out aggressively

Will you answer the call of the Mindful?

Get ready to treat yourself! Amonkhet Throwback sealed leagues are starting next week. Please sign up for this!

INVESTOR REPORT: Invest in Vial Smasher the Fierce, sell Moment of Heroism

The top five cantrips from Modern Event Deck

Pros don't realize that rotating formats are strictly better than playing 8 hours of Legacy every week

Wizards Announces: From the Vault: Skeletons

Planeswalker Chronicles: The Gnome's Stomach

BEHIND THE FLAVOR: "The secret to understanding the ((cardName)) is obvious. Everything is sand for the Doomgape." —Borzard, Doomgape worshipper

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