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LOOK AT THESE CARDS Exactly three copies of Fog @ $4.50 ea.

EXPLORING THE STORY: Emrakul's unremarkable odyssey to Kavuopolis

CLASSIC STRATEGY: The Danger of Cool Potatoes, by Masashi Oiso

The top five combat tricks from Shards Block

The Case for Popularizing Sorrow's Path in Standard

BEHIND THE FLAVOR: "If my stomach had a door, I would pry it open and show you the secret to my wrath." —Nezumi greeting card message

The next set will be named Signature Spellbook: Sidar Jabari

Seven Booster Draft slowtrips from Dissension that time forgot

TOURNAMENT UPDATE: Randy Buehler has been suspended from GP Metropolis for trespassing

DATING ADVICE: Always play around snidds to boost your Marvel decks

IS THIS YOUR CARD? The card you're thinking of is Flickerwisp.

'You Make The Card' participants finally acknowledge that two-card combos can't crush playing first

Jon Finkel: Mana rocks can replace banned cards in Kitchen Table Magic

Judges are finding that sideboards steal wins against MODO players

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