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LOOK AT THESE CARDS Exactly three copies of Fog @ $4.50 ea.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Brian Braun-Duin leaves Eureka Foundation to join Team MTGMintCard Foundation

STORY ARCANA: Serra's questionable trek to Ixalan

Magic Online Bug Blog – June 23rd, 2019

Newly Added Known Issues:

• Penumbra Spider does not create a Spider token if it triggers with its ability on the stack.
• Despise always behaves as if it has madness.

BREAKING NEWS: Using only misprint cards is an inspiring strategy, according to Nassif

Are you one of the Abyss?

It's time to help yourself! Commander Cube leagues are starting in 30 minutes. Sign up now!

INSIDER TIP: Team BadCard Foundation's new Mental Magic deck maindecks Myr Enforcer, buy in before the Kentucky Derby

The trick to improve your Crabs matchup is maindecking Golem Artisan

Drafting out of turn will be legal in Standard until July 9th

YOU'LL LOVE THESE CARDS Curated to meet your high standards @ $538.16 ea.

What's the pick? Manticore Cube Edition

Don't forget H.O.S.I.U.
• Hate picks
• Overpowered cards
• Signals
• Inevitability
• Unconditional cards

Weighted dice will be legal in Holiday Cube until “Fencing” is released

Preview of Shadowmoor Dawn: Will Combo be not allowed under tournament rules?

The Voice of Resurgence has arrived!

Instant Cube starts today. The first 25 players to type DACK will receive a free treasure chest!

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