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Wizards Announces: Foliage Invasion

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LOOK AT THESE CARDS Exactly three copies of Fog @ $4.50 ea.

You Make the Pick! Unconditional Cube Edition

Don't forget M.E.S.U.
• Milling
• Eight-drops
• Signals
• Utility lands

It's , and you know what time it is...

It's time for you to reply back with a completely random colorless manland!

From Gatherer: Helm of Chatzuk

MTG ADVICE: Cutting grizzly bears is a mildly interesting plan, proposes Jelger Wiegersma

THE RESULTS ARE IN! The most unconventional enchantment is Dragon Breath.

Ten Flyers That Need to be Reprinted

Match highlight: Pascal Maynard routs Owen Turtenwald with Abyssal Hunter in round three to lock up GP Reykjavík

FLAVOR FLASHBACK: "Ashenmoor, home of the Mutton Harbor, source of Vesuvan equipment."

IS THIS YOUR CARD? The demon you're thinking of is Indulgent Tormentor.

EFro First Picked Aurelia, The Warleader. Guess What Nassif Said Next

The next set is really named Portals Of Kamigawa

EXPLORING THE STORY: Ambassador Laquatus's hamfisted history with Admiral Beckett Brass finally uncovered

PREPARE YOUR BINDER Zendikar Block Constructed Staples

INVESTOR REPORT: Netdeckers are hoarding blue mythics; should you?

The Magus of the Disk is finally here!

Join a Spaghetti online challenge event, beginning tomorrow.

REMEMBER THIS CARD? We don't: Glory Seeker.

TRADING REPORT: William Jensen is holding Conspiracy: Take the Crown cards; don't get left behind

FROM THE JUDGES: Disciple of the Vault