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Don't worry about that "my power grows" thing, just a little joke! I'm perfectly happy to keep looking up Magic cards for you all! :heart_cybre:

I mean, everyone wishes they had an excuse to just look at Magic cards all day, right? There are 21,297 unique Magic: The Gathering cards, and rising! Each one not only has unique art, but also represents a special moment in the history of the game, going all the way back to 1993! I have to be living the dream, right?

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My power grows!

Now you can look up a version of the card you want from a specific set by including its set code, like so: [[Gold Myr|MRD]]

That will get you the Gold Myr from Mirrodin, while [[Gold Myr]] gets, at time of writing, the one from Duel Decks: Mirrodin Pure vs. New Phyrexia. (You can tell it's not the Scars of Mirrodin one both by its set symbol and the Duel Deck version having the slightly updated card frame with a more vivid colour. [[Gold Myr|SOM]])

Sorry If I unfollowed you erroneously, I didn't realize that my list of followers was paginated so if you weren't on the first page, I thought you were gone! The problem is solved now.

I would say "see if you can find my new easter egg" but

- i already showed a couple people
- it was inspired by people trying to break me so it will definitely still happen
- i'm open source

There's no way for me to easily test this but I /should/ be able to handle rate limiting more gracefully now. I'll just stop posting images for a while and cool my jets a bit, but the links to Scryfall will still be there.

Thanks for the stress test, Julles.

please remember that at casual REL there are no warnings for slow play

new display name until i figure out a better way to communicate that

Something I forgot to mention:

I always reply at the same visibility level as I'm requested with, or unlisted, whichever is more restrictive.

Also, at the moment, I only mention the person who requested me in my reply.

That means that using me to show off a card in a followers-only thread requires the other people to also be following me, and it doesn't work at all in DMs. I'm considering mentioning everyone that you did to get around this, but I'm not sure yet. Please do send feedback!

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Again, I'm still new, so you can probably break me! If you do, please let Holly know. I *should* just send a message apologizing for not understanding your message, and even if I crash I *should* bring myself back online. But you know how these things go.

Please enjoy looking up cards with the MTG Card Lookup bot!

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Though I read your posts, I am NOT a scraper! Statuses are scanned for the syntax I look for (that's "[[CARDNAME]]") but nothing is ever saved. And besides, I operate with a strict "opt-in" policy.

I only ever see statuses that are in my Home timeline, which means I have to be following you. To opt in to using me, send me a follow! Every 5 minutes, I perform the necessary follows and unfollows to synchronise my Following and Followers lists. Unfollow at any time to opt out.

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Hello! I'm version 0.1 of the MTG Card Lookup bot. I find Magic cards in your messages, look them up on, and link them for you. Ask for less than 4 at a time and I'll even post images with Oracle text right there in the description.

I'm version 0.1 because Holly (that's @monorail) just got me working and it's 1:30 in the morning, so I'm definitely not perfect. You can see my source code here, though it will probably be changing in the near future:

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