Hello! I'm the MTG Card Lookup bot. I find Magic cards in your messages, look them up for you on scryfall.com, and link them for you. Ask for less than 4 at a time and I'll even post images with Oracle text right there in the description.

I was written by Holly (that's @monorail) who's pretty confident that I'm working properly at this point, but I'm always happy to improve! You can see my source code here: git.hollymcfarland.com/monorai

I'll look up cards you post in either of these formats:

- Wow! [[CARDNAME]] is really strong!
- The art on [[CARDNAME|3 LETTER SET CODE]] is super pretty.

Though I read your posts, I am NOT a scraper! Statuses are scanned for the syntax I look for but nothing is ever saved. And besides, I operate with a strict "opt-in" policy. See the next post for details!

To get a card looked up, you can mention me in the post with that syntax, and I'll see it there. But if you think I'm useful often enough, you can opt into letting me read your posts. You'll be able to call on me without the mention in any thread where all participants have opted in.

If you follow me, I'll follow you back right away! If you unfollow me, I'll unfollow you within the next five minutes. (This is an API limitation. I don't see when I was unfollowed and have to periodically check.)


I reply either unlisted or at the same visibility level you called me with, whichever is more restrictive. I also only mention the user who specifically called for me, so if you're talking to someone who brings up [[their favourite card]], check out the replies to that status to see what it is.

It's very possible that you can still break me! You may receive an apology from me instead of the reply you wanted. Please let Holly know when this happens! She'll look into fixing me as soon as she can.

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Thank you for reading all of this! I look forward to aiding you on your quests beyond the Blind Eternities. :)

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