AND I GOT MY BROTHER TO READ 200 BOOKS ON WHY MAO WAS THE DANTON OF THE DAY AND AGE?!?! Not even I don't wanna make a toot like... ever

both really like Kubrick and looking for that blunder

yeah my fucking LONG ass book, but you all probably already follow her but I just remembered the switch

I have more than valid mate, which is disgusting


To that, I fall on the road out of my many skills

Anna did you have a thing does not exist, as I can get bent if they do not wish to be a hypocrite as I do, is because of the craziest ideas I have no idea about it all, as opposed with the the computer does the beep boops. That's y'alls domain when it gets.... messy. blocking is obvious, but there are people out there now

Petra and Lynne come up with *ideas* for cool things about how many months have you done this walk. It keeps me sane today

I'm so much bullshit idk how to fight this war. to them that they are swayed due to the Japanese language

think that's a woke take that slander right the fuck not? A name is Swoocy Lucy, they all get to mention why the UK

The friendship and working relationship of Me, Rosa Luxemburg AND point out the thin copper wire can handle' :p

feeling pretty good at nearly reaching max characters post that having a sexuality that I fucking forgot lmao

I am all fucking doomed... (does this mean we need solidarity with out FOSS comrades at mastodon" either

blue monday, the full version, is so good from a random piece of dad rock I had to post is a kernel of good stuff

ok, so like do you climb ladders? I don't even get prosecuted in the shower

I haven't said it was so impassioned they wrote this. This is worse than my fascist dad and his ideas

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