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Spam subject: "Make it HUGE! Sample Enclosed" Sample?!?! Oh, of the pills. *whew*

"Contact Mr Koffee Now" - I think more coffee is a great idea! Thank you, 419 spammer!

Spam subject: "Attention My Dear Email Id Owner" - I love it when businesses put in the effort for that personal touch.

Spam subject: "you are beautiful, because we care" - Are you saying that if you didn't care, I wouldn't be beautiful?

Spam subject: "She keep moaning and groaning" - That's your signal to stop the puns.

Spam subject: "Her air pants!!!" Is this like air guitar?

Reverse psychology spam: "Dont look inside"

It's a super-soaker, right? "Make her wet just by the sight of your weapon" (spam subject)

Spam subject: "Mr. [name removed], your discount code is inside. television four" - Great, so I have to open it up and void the warranty?

Spam subject: "Like them adult games? You are not enough? Me too - let's play!" - Not enough *what*?

Spam subject: "Visit our drugstore and forget about visiting a doctor." What are they selling, Waters of Lethe?

This spammer failed geography: "Music mania arrives in Beijing africa"

Spam subject: "View our Before and After Testing Results!" Before testing: broken. After testing: still broken, mentioned in release notes.

Spam subject: "Enhancing your rod will be the best gift for her for St. Valentine's." From August. Talk about holiday creep(s)!

Spam subject: "Be her CEO in lovemaking." Please step away from the thesaurus.

Spam subject: "HIGH IMPACT NEGOTIATION TECHNIQUES" - Negotiations with a lightsaber? Or Thor's hammer?

Spam subject: "Forget about small device. Forget about small device." - Not if you keep harping on it.

Spam subject: "big deep delivery is what girls dream of" - There's a pizza joke in here somewhere.

Spam subject: "The magic blue pill will change your life" No, that's the RED pill! The blue one keeps it the same. Remember the Matrix?

Spam subject: "Unzip and do your work" - This is a file archive program, right?

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