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Spam subject: "Desired windows parking" - Cheaper than the desired Mac parking, but has a greater risk of crashes.

Spam subject: "Best winky's uppers" - Um...they're not talking about coffee for people who live in the west of Oz, are they?

Spam subject: "Losing has never been so easy" - Well sure, if you just stand there and let the other team take all the shots.

Spam subject: "Terrible internet madness" - There are those who call it...TIM.

I really hope the second spam subject isn't answering the first: "Help, I'm depressed" and "Time for some beer."

Received spam from "Hawaii Discount Cavations" - is that a vacation to a cave?

Spam subjects: "Feel 10 years younger in bed today" & "Only 2 days left to pick up your books!" - I don't want to wake up in high school again

Spam subject: "Invisible mac supermarket" - It's not that great. It's hard to find, and they only have Apples in the produce section.

Spam subject: "Nice walking dead" It'd be a shame if someone removed their heads or destroyed the brain, if you know what I mean.

Spam subject: "Give your partner a one-way ticket to ecstasy-land." Careful. They may get strip-searched.

I can't tell if this spam subject is a typo or a euphemism: "Put your cork in every girl that your dream of!"

Spam subject: "THIS IS MY DESTINY IN YOUR HANDS" - wait...your destiny is my mouse? I'm so confused...

Spam subject: "Warning! Our watches are extremely cheap." Thanks! Now I know not to buy one.

Spam subject: "Be her in-out champion" - That brings new meaning to the phrase "animal style." Not to mention "double double."

Spam subject: "Booze, babes and more" - Don't tell me BevMo bought Hustler...

Spam subject: "Make your woody sustainable" - Wait, are these sex drugs, or forestry?

Spam subject: "How would you like unlimited hits to your website 15 minutes from now?" - That sounds like you're threatening a DOS attack.

Spam subject: "Bizarre outdoor roleplay in this movie from Christina" - Please, LARPing isn't *that* weird.

Spam subject: "Look in my web-eyes" - No, thanks. Talk to the web-hand.

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