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Spam subject: "aeroneurosis acroparesthesia adroitnesses accountability aglow" - Always amazed at annoying ad alliteration.

Spam Subject: "Help, awkward situation" - There are so many ways this one could go...

Spam subject: "Make it HUGE! Sample Enclosed" Sample?!?! Oh, of the pills. *whew*

Spam subject: "Friend are you?" - Wait, since when is Yoda writing spam?

Um...yeah, I'll get right on that post about "ANCHOR_TEXT%" that you'd love to see me write.

Spam subject: "Isn't it time you started earning some real money?" - Instead of that Monoply money you've been earning?

Spam subject: "You're acting immature" - No, *you're* acting immature! I'm rubber and you're glue!

Spam subject: "TIME" - I could use some more of that, thanks.

Found in a blog spam folder: "I tried to publish a comment earlier, however it has not shown up. I believe your spam filter may be broken?" - The commenter's name? "{K|J|P}{a|e}{n|m}{e|a|i}" No, I think the spam filter is working just fine.

Spam subject: "The magic of Viagra" - on stage seven nights a week, plus weekend matinees.

Spam preview: "Robbers get chewed by piranhas" - This gives me an idea for a new business: trained guard piranhas!

Spam subject: "Our choice of software products will drive you crazy." - Why, are they all from Microsoft?

Spam subject: "It is not hard to lengthen" Well, what's the point in lengthening, then?

Spam subject: "Your ammo for love-battles" - I think Scott Pilgrim has that:

Spam subject: "See thru bras and undies" - with our new x-ray specs!

Spam subject: "Re: Please, tell me success stories about V" - Well, the show did get a second season.

Spam subject: "How to grab boobies" - I think more men need directions for how NOT to grab them.

Spam subject: "'Stop Your Dog's Annoying' Barking" - Really. Who names their dog, "Stop Your Dog's Annoying?"

Spam subject: "ALL of your favorite medications are here!" - Something about the idea of "favorite" medication bugs me.

Spam subject: "Smartphone app controls these awesome heated gloves" - Unfortunately you have to take them off to use the touch screen.

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