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Spam subject: "The next campaign for 'SNL' host... affectionate" Affectionate isn't something I think of when I think of SNL.

Spam subject: "Enjoy the magic blue pill for free" That's the one that keeps you in the Matrix, right?

Spam subject: "Password-protecting the heart addles" - Is *your* heart addle password protected? Tune in at 11 for the shocking story!

Spam subject: "Inches melting off your waist and hips." I think I saw that in House of Wax. No, thanks!

Spam subject: "Info Regarding Your SSN" - Really? The first digit is somewhere between 0 and 9?!? WOW!

Spam subject: "Achieve latin temperament in bed" - Just make sure you conjugate properly.

Spam subject: "Will you ever find me?" - signed, Waldo.

"IF YOU ARE ALIFE REPLY NOW FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!!!" Uh-huh, I'm definitely "alife."

Spam subject: "World of Watches Up To 80% Off" Funny, I thought WoW stood for something else...

Spam subject: "consciousnesses elderberry friezed" - Sounds like the ultimate ice cream headache.

Spam subject: "Acclaim My new address" - Yes, definitely a pattern.

Spam text: "We have the power to transform you into an unbelievable super duper mega pounder."

Spam subject: "Information Message #38" - sorry, it just doesn't have the same ring as "Mambo #5."

Spam subject: "Upgrade your stamina and abilities in general." Say goodbye to "leveling up" the old-fashioned way!

Spam subject: "How to make your girl...." I saw that on an old Star Trek episode.

Spam subject: "Fwd: read" - Good advice, but I think I'll choose some different material if you don't mind.

Spam subject: "Boob job gone way your bed" from "Unexpected Result" - I...don't think I want to know.

Spam subject: "Give her some best drilling" - This is for dentists, right?

Spam subject: "How to increase member" - Great! We've got a group where we're trying to increase membership, and it's just so diffic-- wait, WHAT? Oh. Um, nevermind.

Spam subject: "Come to me my sweet kitty, I'm waiting for you!"

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