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Spam subject: "Dear amazon Costumer," - Wait, how did they know I like to cosplay Wonder Woman?

Spam subject: "Think You Know Rock n' Roll" - We asked Rock n' Roll, and neither of them knew you.

Spam subject: "Quality Mold at a Competitive Price!" - People pay for that? I just opened my closet one time and found some!

Spam subject: "Enough weenie's limpness" - Next time, get Ballpark.

Spam subject: "Apple posts record quarter airport" - What does one do with a 1/4 of an airport, anyway?

Spam subject: "You acted weird." Shouldn't have taken those drugs I ordered off the internet...

Spam subject: "Your P4nis will be more than 100$" - After all that effort, why would you want to sell it?

Spam subject: "Bigger than you can ever imagine" - That's what they call the new soft drink size at the movie theater. (Only $50 a cup!)

Spam subject: "She loves it bigger and longer" be sure to take her to the extended IMAX showing.

Pair of spam subjects: "Looking to become a published author?" & "Give her climax after climax" Yep, sounds like writing advice.

Spam subject: "Take half off portabel mini heaters" - Do they look like mushrooms?

Spam subject: "Feel her tight one on yours." - It sounds like a euphemism, but it's actually selling watches.

Spam subject: "Always be ready." You never know when a zombie apocalypse will hit.

Spam subject: "With our watches precious minutes will go slower." So it's a selling point that they don't keep time correctly?

Spam: "The Secret dentist don't want you know about teeth whitening" - Who is this secret dentist, and why doesn't she like white teeth?

Spam subject: "Potion for perfect bouncing!" Whoa! They're selling Flubber on the internet now!

Spam subject: "Scare people with your tool today" - Yeah, I saw that in one of Something*Positive's Halloween stories a while back.

Spam subject: "Never have love-battry discharged!"

Spam subject: "i don't know where i am" - GPS signal lost. Recalculating.

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