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Spam subject: "Dear [name], we start Sale. species Istanbul College though" - Not Constantinople?

Spam subject: "Invisible mac supermarket" - It's not that great. It's hard to find, and they only have Apples in the produce section.

Spam subject: "The next campaign for 'SNL' host... affectionate" Affectionate isn't something I think of when I think of SNL.

Spam subject: "Be the mighty volcano, when it comes to night rendezvous!" - Um, sure...

Spam subject: "Local Electro Pool Party" - sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

Spam subject: "I'm not your foe." What makes you so certain?

Spam subject: "Delightful software magazine" - Bit too much wishful thinking here.

Spam subject: "Find your confidence today" - I know I left it around here somewhere. Didn't I?

Spam subject: "This will change your bedroom life" - It's called a mattress...

Spam subject: "Steaks make great gifts" - Just don't leave them under the Christmas tree for too long.

Spam subject: "Every extra inch gives her extra chance for reaching final destination." Saw those movies. Don't think she wants to go there.

Blogspam: "you know it's time for a haircut when you can make yourself look like sonic the hedgehog this easily"

Spam subject: "Make your bone-on sustainable" - As long as it's a 100% organic experience...

Spam subject: "oh no! I lost your file" - I wish you'd lost my email address, too.

Spam subject: "YOU HAVE BEEN COMPESATED!!" - Now send this to 100 people or you'll have bad luck for 10 years.

Spam subject: "My heart is broken, please help." Wow. If you're emailing random strangers on the internet, it *must* be bad.

Spam subject: "This will prepare you for action all night long" - NoDoze and Red Bull. Oh, yeah!

Spam subject: "Invisible mac mole" - And you thought you had a hard time finding the cordless mouse.

Spam subject: "Hi mom" - And yet I still haven't seen one that says "I can see my house from here!"

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