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Spam quote: "so many lessons to be learned, this is an easy one, and its free!" I'm sure you'll learn *something* if you respond.

Spam subject: "Charm her panties off" - So will she charm your snake in return?

Spam quote: "This weekly bulletin is dedicated to the...ur long-term relationship, have a link." - Are you sure?

Spam subject: "Inaccessible software place" - That's where the #$%^ spyware installs itself to, right?

Spam subject: "My filthy secret revealed tonight" - What, you haven't showered in a week?

Spam subject: "DEAL TO BE EXECUTED." Nooo! Don't let them execute Deal!!!!

Spam subject: "your stomach is your soul, have a healther soul, try free" Now there's a philosophy I haven't heard before.

Spam subject: "F this man" - I'd rather not, thanks.

Spam subject: "Is flying more cost effecting than flying..." - If it's more cost-effective than itself...

Blogspam: "Retweeted this one, bro. Antioxidants are really helpful." ... For retweeting things? :?

Spam subject: "CHP VGRA 1" - What is this, a license plate?

Don't you love it when scam emails start out with "this is not a scam?"

Spam subject: "Heat up your intimating" - You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you are intimating it means.

Spam subject: "Restore your faces natural glow" - And then turn around, bright eyes...

Spam subject: "Increase the size of your package easily today" - As long as they don't charge me more for shipping.

Spam subject: "We offer ero-boosters. data responsible" - They'd better be fully functional.

Spam subject: "Find your Russian soul-mate." So, do I have a soul-mate in each country? What happens when the borders change?

Fiendish spam/phish subject: "Attention - Server Upgrade"

Spam subject: "intense sex therapy" - is that *for* or *by means of*?

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