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Spam: "The Secret dentist don't want you know about teeth whitening" - Who is this secret dentist, and why doesn't she like white teeth?

Blogspam claiming "This will enable more clicks" promoting V-pills. I think they misspelled a word.

Pair of spam subjects: "Looking to become a published author?" & "Give her climax after climax" Yep, sounds like writing advice.

Spam subject: "preform like a teenager" - For those of you who wanted to be in Glee club back in high school.

Spam subject: "We are not familiar with you" ... and vice versa, but I think I know enough.

Spam subject: "Your huge device can research any cave he wants." - sent from "Candy Dickens," no less.

Spam subject: "Don't pay anything for your pills for 15 days" On day 16, we break your kneecaps.

Spam subject: "Saucy young college hotties" - All right! Marinara wrestling!

Spam subject: "Click away from a new life" - Don't you mean TO a new life?

Well-camouflaged spam subject: "Vid of what my cat learned"

Spam subject: "She'll love the new growth." We *are* talking about gardening here, right?

Spam subject: "Be her super-animal!" always makes me think of the Muppets.

Spam subject: "Get a full-mast again!" - Arr, matey!

Spam subject: "Is a lack of money making you sick?" - No, that would be the germs.

Spam subject: "Energy for your dude piston" O_o

Reverse psychology spam: "Dont look inside"

Spam subject: "Now Whiten Your Teeth at Warp Speed"

Spam subject: "Internal elections" - Judging by content, 1st word is an antonym and the 2nd is off by 1 letter.

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