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Spam subject: "We'll return your carnal charge" - Funny, I don't remember lending it out.

Spam subject: "Enhancing your rod will be the best gift for her for St. Valentine's." From August. Talk about holiday creep(s)!

Spam subject: "I'm happy to see you" - Well, that answers *that* question.

Spam subject: "Curso de Hipnose" - I know it's "hypnosis course" in Portuguese, but I keep reading it as "Curse of the Hip Nose!"

Spam subject: "Beer locator! :-)" I was hoping there was an app for that.

Quote: "Popping this bolus guarantees your night will be fantastic." Indubitably.

Does anyone but advance fee scammers send mail with the subject, "Good Day"?

Spam subject: "Bermuda triangle mystery revealed" - It's actually a parallelogram!

Spam subject: "Did you instruct one Mr. John Lenon to claim your payment on your behalf??" No. I *ahem* Imagine it might be tricky.

Confusing spam subject: "If you are disappointed in its second half, bold, come in!"

Spam subject: "Energy for your dude piston" O_o

Spam subject: "She can have an orgasm just by looking at your Submariner SS watch." But only if she's using Herbal Essences shampoo.

Spam subject: "remember me?" No. In fact, I've never seen your email address before in my life!

Spam subject: "Put a titanic movie projector in your basement" - Can I use it to watch other movies too?

Spam subject: "Password-protecting the heart addles" - Is *your* heart addle password protected? Tune in at 11 for the shocking story!

Spam subject: "Do your savings fit into a coffee can?" Why, are you offering one of those vaccum-pack doohickeys?

Spam subject: "Your love torch won't blow out" - It's always about the fireworks.

Spam subject: "Her boobs swelled in excitement" Actually, that sounds more like an allergic reaction.

Spam subject: "Give Me Health Care, Or Give Me Death!" - Wow...spam from the ER waiting room. Now THAT's dedication.

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