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Blogspam: "1863031 beers on the wall." That's going to take a loooong time to sing.

Spam subjects at cross purposes: "Let your volcano erupt!" and "Prevent premature eruptions!"

Spam subject: "Raise your carnal ambitions" - Bring an entire side of beef to your barbecue!

Gee, that's believable: "What's up, I read your blos namesd "%title%"daily. your story-telling style is witty, keep doin wht you're doing!"

Email from "Viagra Promo" has been labeled in the subject as "[possible spam]" - Possible? What would it take to convince them?

Spam subject: "Tale Amazing arial photos with your next drone" - I'd prefer Consolas or Calibri, but as long as it doesn't take Comic Sans photos, that should be fine.

Spam subject: "LET_FORMAT_ERROR" - Awww, someone didn't configure their spambot properly!

Spam subject: "Add peculiarity to your style with our watches." Huh. That's a strange sales pitch.

Spam subject: "aeroneurosis acroparesthesia adroitnesses accountability aglow" - Always amazed at annoying ad alliteration.

Strange trend in comment spam: famous literary quotes linked to body-part enlargement offers.

Spam subject: "USA on the Moon: 150%proofs" Are we talking photos and telemetry, or whiskey? (Moonshine, indeed.)

Spam subject: "Nothing can amaze your special person more than a cute watch." Really? Not according to the rest of my spam folder.

Spam subject: "Intensifying your amorizing!"

Spam subject: "Only 10 Days to Speak a New Language!" - Maybe, but you keep saying things like "My hovercraft is full of eels."

Spam subject: "Fantastic growth guaranteed" - I can't tell if this is an ad for pills or penny stocks.

Spammers are getting clingy: "Please, don't leave"

Spam subject: "Bankruptcy is not the end of the world" - Of course not. That would be Armageddon.

Spam subject: "I Made Over $12,000,000 In My Years, All On The Internet." - Farmville or WoW?

Spam subject: "Miracle Diet or Scam" - There's a difference?

Spam subject: "Change your vigor to better" - because "Vigor Homes and Gardens" just doesn't sound appealing.

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