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Spam subject: "3-6 inches in growth guaranteed, it's almost like magic except it isn't" Written by the ad agency in Muppets Take Manhattan?

Spam subject: "If you had a gold fish, you would ask for a bigger instrument." Goldfish? I've seen a lot of euphemisms, but that's new to me

Spam subject: "Your watch will understand you better than anyone else."

Spam subject: "I never stubble around in the dark anymore." - It's easier to shave with the lights on, isn't it?

Spam subject: "I want you now, tell me reciprocate and get me!" - OK, guys, walk up to a woman and say, "reciprocate" & tell me how it goes.

Spam subject: "The magic of Viagra" - on stage seven nights a week, plus weekend matinees.

Comment spam from "wow fish that sell good"

Spam subject: "Invisible appz parking" - The only problem is, you can never tell whether a space is open or not.

Spam subject: "Do not envy my physique" - Don't worry. I've seen no indication that I should.

Spam subject: "The deeper you are, the better you'll perform in the bedroom" - So THAT'S the appeal of those underwater hotels!

Spam subject: "PLEASE THIS IS NOT A SPAM MAIL." Oh, well, that makes it okay.

Spam subject: "Your tremendous penis will always be on her mind." O_o It reaches that far?!?!

"If your old watch is killing you, get a new one." Why do people keep exposing their electronics to the All-Spark?

Spam subject: "your stomach is your soul, have a healther soul, try free" Now there's a philosophy I haven't heard before.

Spam subject: "Unpaid Beneficiary.........(YOU ARE A SCAM VICTIM)...." - I think you're counting your chickens before they've hatched.

Spam subject: "Shocking. Survived after headshot!" Shocking? Please, actors live through headshots all the time!

Spam subject: "I can't believe they picked you" - Thanks *so* much for the vote of confidence.

Spam subject: "Sleep already?" All right, I get the point! *grumble*

Spam subject: "Get carnally upsized" - Sounds like a 4x4 at In-N-Out.

Spam subject: "Make your privates ready!" Atten-HUT!

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