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Spam subject: "Would you like to adopt a cheap elegant watch?" - Spamusement already did this one better than I can:

Pair of spam subjects: "Your account has been suspended" and "Resume." Well, I guess that's solved, then!

Spam subject: "It has never been easier to pick up women." Yeah, that anti-gravity device is a big help!

Actual good advice from spam: "Even if you have a lot of money, wasting them on fake medications is not a good idea!"

Spam subject: "The miracel berry is ready to save you try it free" More heroic than Spamusement's super pill?

Spam subject: "F this man" - I'd rather not, thanks.

Spam subject: "Girls are waiting to become yours if you have something to show them." That would be the watch, right?

Spam subject: "Words ending in gry" Here's one: spam makes me anGRY.

Spam subject: "Be her saint and her devil! Nothing will be beyond your powers!" Does it require itty-bitty living space?

"Treats blood pressure right!" - Because if you treat your blood pressure badly, it might leave you.

Spam subject: "It's incredibly confusing and drives me on simultaneously. Watch until I removed it from the access." - Yes, that *is* confusing.

Spam subject: "Can We Send You Some Customers?" Depends: are you planning to send them by FedEx or UPS? Will I have to sign for delivery?

Spam subject: "Resurrect your desire!" w/ preview: "Be the arousal generator" - It had better not be gas-powered.

Spam subject: "Ferrari pen will add a raisin to your businesslike outlook" - I still don't understand these. Thesaurus Fail?

Spam subject: "Judge: Death for Anthony not sexist afterbrain" - You've really got to watch out for those sexist afterbrains!

Spam subject: "I'm in faraway country. Bored" - I hope her name isn't Willow.

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@LOLspam "Thirst trap" takes on a whole new meaning in the Sahara Desert

Spam subject: "100 hottest babes on the planet" - Let me guess: They all live near the equator.

Spam subject: "She will surely pounce on you" - This is why you never get between a mountain lion and her cubs.

Pair of spam subjects: "Gone for meal?" and "Just arrived :)"

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