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Spam subject: "Ultimate ice cream experience in just 3 minutes!"

Spam subject: "Enhancing your rod will be the best gift for her for St. Valentine's." From August. Talk about holiday creep(s)!

Spam subject: "Make your babymaker stonehard." Actually, I think the uterus should stay flexible.

Spam subject: "Stronger device in your underwear is the guarantee of your bright future." Um...yeah...

"The way to her heart is through her wrist." That's it! Time to find another surgeon!

Spam subject: "PLEASE HELP US STOP SCAM" - Have you tried hypnosis? I hear it's good for fighting compulsions and bad habits.

Spam subject: "This watter bottle is big enough to supply water for days, even weeks" - Weeks? Does it come with its own luggage cart?

Spam subject: "Healrth Speciaalliscts" - Well, they've got the illegibility requirement down.

Spam subject: "PLEASE THIS IS NOT A SPAM MAIL." Oh, well, that makes it okay.

Spam subject: "Girls remain dry with you?" - Maybe you should fill the swimming pool *before* inviting them over.

Spam: "Adobe Photoshop & Critical Thinking" Is this training in how to figure out whether a photo is faked or not?

Spam subject: "Send your satellite inside her!" - That metaphor doesn't even make sense.

Um... what? Spam subject: "Release Your Soul with Anne Hathaway"

Spam Subject: "Doctor Who Specials" - from the "Approved Viagra Store." I didn't think Time Lords were in that business.

Blogspam: "hi there %BLOGINTITILE% owner. i want to say that %BLOGINTITLE% is really nice and the post was excellant." Nice personal note...

Blogspam: "Hey may I notation some of the communication from this blog if I association fail to you?" - Please step away from the thesaurus.

All right! I always wanted one of those! "Delivery Status Notification 81% 0FF." Who can resist at that discount?

Spam subject: "omega watches"...and is forbidden to interfere.

Spam subject: "Take half off portabel mini heaters" - Do they look like mushrooms?

Spam subject: "Attention My Dear Email Id Owner" - I love it when businesses put in the effort for that personal touch.

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