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"I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Ralph lauren - subject on a spam claiming to sell discount Ralph Lauren clothes, which I'd recommend against eating.

Spam subject: "You'll have your weenie engorged" O_o

Spam quote: "This weekly bulletin is dedicated to the...ur long-term relationship, have a link." - Are you sure?

Spam subject: "You need to take these pills to experience nirvana" And you need to take these pills to experience the Doors, and these to...

Spam subject: "Best winky's uppers" - Um...they're not talking about coffee for people who live in the west of Oz, are they?

This spammer knows how to entice me: "It sounds silly, but read"

Spam subject: "Women will do anything for this ice cream"

Spam subject: "She loves it bigger and longer" be sure to take her to the extended IMAX showing.

Spam subject: "Make your male friend your biggest advantage." Hey, Bob? How would you like to be a wingman?

The spam subject, "Friend abuse gets 80% discount" makes a little more sense if you know it was sent to a domain's abuse contact.

Spam subject: "Buy D&G key chain in order to be branded" - Ouch!

Spam subject: "Did you see this amazing hair growth on the sharks?" - That sounds like a genetic engineering experiment gone horribly wrong.

Spam subject: "I made you an account." Expected the body to read, "But I eated it."

Spam subject: "My filthy secret revealed tonight" - What, you haven't showered in a week?

Spam subject: "You can▓t even complain about our watches √ they are perfect." Are they as "perfect" as your punctuation?

Spam subject of the day here! "Teh internets wait"

Spam subject: Do you have fungus of the nail?

Spam Subject: "When impotence suddenly comes into your life you’d better be prepared to meet it!" - This is why I don't answer the door.

Spam subject: "What are we going to do today?" - Same thing we do every day, Pinky...

Spam subject: "Prepare for a nightmare" You don't're going to email me again, do you?

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