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Spam subject: "The only supplement not affected by inflation" - Funny, "inflation" is usually what spammers are trying to sell.

Spam subject: "Check Worrying Off Your List" - so, it'll help me worry more quickly?

Spam subject: "Mr. [name removed], your discount code is inside. television four" - Great, so I have to open it up and void the warranty?

I really hope the second spam subject isn't answering the first: "Help, I'm depressed" and "Time for some beer."

Spam subject: "luxury items by local models" - See, the economy *is* bad. Even models have to take on a second job these days!

Spam subject: "Healrth Speciaalliscts" - Well, they've got the illegibility requirement down.

Spam subject: "Don't pay attention to this email!" Don't worry - I won't.

Spam subject: "Turn your meat battleship on!"

Spam subject: "Your tool might be as big as a tower in Seattle to satisfy any woman you want." That sounds really awkward, actually.

Um...yeah, I'll get right on that post about "ANCHOR_TEXT%" that you'd love to see me write.

Spam subject: "Cheap watches to match all your clothes." - Gee, thanks for telling me what ou think of my clothes.

Spam subject: "*EREKSHN here >>!" - I'll never look at an exclamation point the same way again.

Spam subject: "Enhancing your rod will be the best gift for her for St. Valentine's." From August. Talk about holiday creep(s)!

Spam subject: "Every woman will find it hard to let you go if you enlarge your tool." So it'll be sticky too?

This spammer failed geography: "Music mania arrives in Beijing africa"

Spam Subject: "I gained 3 inches..try 4free today." New sales pitch from Peregrin Took.

Spam subject: "With that classy watch your elegance can beat anybody."

"I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Ralph lauren - subject on a spam claiming to sell discount Ralph Lauren clothes, which I'd recommend against eating.

Spam subject: "Realize your fantasy as a sex god" - But remember to cover up the lightning bolt.

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