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Spam subject: "Our watch will look great even on any loser." - Nice backhand you've got, there.

Spam subject: "You acted weird." Shouldn't have taken those drugs I ordered off the internet...

Spam subject: "?./REALLY YOU DID NOT TRY THEM?/.?" - I did not like them, Sam-I-Am. I do not open email spam.

Spam subject: "Bermuda triangle mystery revealed" - It's actually a parallelogram!

Spam Subject: "Infection attacks! Fight back!" Too late to roll for initiative, I guess.

Spam subject: "The coolest joint in the world" - I didn't know they grew pot in Antarctica.

Why am I getting spam from furniture? And no, that's not a typo. I've got comments posted by "Recliner" "Folding table" and "Hickory chair."

Spam subject: "The Life changing experience Accai Berry" - You see, they *used* to be able to *spell!*

Spam subject: "Be sure your husband won.t be looking for a mistress, become 2 in 1!" Become two what?

Spam subject: "Girls remain dry with you?" - Maybe you should fill the swimming pool *before* inviting them over.

Spam subject: "Shocking. Survived after headshot!" Shocking? Please, actors live through headshots all the time!

"mudslinging conformist" - Please provide references for at least 3 non-conformists at whom you have slung mud in the last 6 months

Spam subject: "She will stare at you" - Well, as long as it's not in the same way that she'd stare at a train wreck...

Spam subject: "Ask us what is the secret of xxxmovie starts and we will answer your question." Secret? Don't you just press play?

Spam subject: "Leningrad fossil's inhabitable" - That's one big fossil.

Spam subject: "How to Make Life Less Hard" - and a bunch of other spam offering the opposite.

Spam subject: "Your sausage is set to grow" - What did you do, plant it in the back yard?

Spam subject: "Did this photo go too far?" - Yeah, it was only supposed to go across town and it ended up on the other side of the planet.

Spam subject: "Are You Ready for Halloween? It's Just a Few Months Away." - in August. Reminds me of this Sarah's Scribbles comic:

Spam subject: "You'll surprise her with your Hulk"

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