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Spam subject: "Only 10 Days to Speak a New Language!" - Maybe, but you keep saying things like "My hovercraft is full of eels."

Spam subject: "As seen on TV storage bags" - Who stores their TV in a bag?

Spam subject: "Sleep already?" All right, I get the point! *grumble*

Spam subject: "I'm in traffic jam" - and not helping matters by sending email while driving.

Spam subject: "Hello, my gentle sun, let's talk."

Spam subject: "SORRY FOR INFRINGING ON YOUR PRIVACY!!!!" - Mr. Zuckerberg, is that you?

Spam subject: "Healrth Speciaalliscts" - Well, they've got the illegibility requirement down.

Spam subject: "Any lady would appreciate to receive a Channel watch for her birthday." For the 5 seconds before she notices the spelling.

Spam subject: "Your tool might be as big as a tower in Seattle to satisfy any woman you want." That sounds really awkward, actually.

Spam Subject: "The Curse of Neverland" Is that better or worse than the Curse of Photoshop?

This spammer failed geography: "Music mania arrives in Beijing africa"

Spam subject: "What are we going to do today?" - Same thing we do every day, Pinky...

Spam subject: "Turn your meat battleship on!"

Spam subject: "Our choice of software products will drive you crazy." - Why, are they all from Microsoft?

Spam subject: "Organ Donation" - The message is about organs, all right...

Pair of spam subjects: "Be careful, when driving today" and "Vodka-fest" - That would explain the advice, yes.

Spam subject: "Organ Donation" - The message is about organs, all right...

Spam subject: "Get a levitating globe for your office" - No supervillain lair should be without one!

Spam subject: "Shaking soft supermarket" - It's all made of Jell-O! Even the boxes of Jell-O are made of Jell-O!

Spam Subject: "Don't Miss Out On The Offer of the Century" - A guaranteed 100% pledge to never spam me again?

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