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Spam subject: "Invisible appz parking" - The only problem is, you can never tell whether a space is open or not.

Spam subject: "CHP VGRA 1" - What is this, a license plate?

Spam subject: "Upsize your sausage into a bratwurst" - Yeah, they're definitely talking about BBQ.

Spam subject: "Tired of being a man with delicate sphere problems? You can solve it all naturally and easily!"

Spam subject: "my watch arrived today" - and yet the sender is "Luxury Pens." What does a pen need with a watch?

Spam subject: "Your email address has won US$4.6Million" But it has to show up in person to collect.

Lonely spammer: "Take me with you!" No, thank you!

"COMPENSATION FOR SCAMMED VICTIMS" what you'll need if you respond to this spam.

Spam subject: "This 3D puzzle actually comes to life after you finish it" - I think I've seen some movies like that...

Spam subject: "One one problem: you will tear your jeans, while aroused."- Hulk shred puny jeans!

Spam subject: "What are we going to do today?" - Same thing we do every day, Pinky...

"You have a parcel with TNT..." Not what you want to hear from UPS.

Spam subject: "Dear [name], we start Sale. species Istanbul College though" - Not Constantinople?

Confusing spam subject: "Take me gently caressing my bunny!" ... bunny? I'm not sure I want to know.

I keep thinking this spam subject is actually for parents: "Energy enough for many girls"

Spam subject: "My heart is broken, please help." Wow. If you're emailing random strangers on the internet, it *must* be bad.

Spam subject: "Your package is set to grow" - But will it come before Christmas?

Spam subject: "Your sister has an overdoze" - So she's sleeping in today?

Spam subject: "Please erase me" - if by "erase" you mean "delete" and "me" you mean the message, I'll be happy to oblige.

The spam subject, "Friend abuse gets 80% discount" makes a little more sense if you know it was sent to a domain's abuse contact.

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