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Spam subject: "Scam Alert: You Have Been Scammed !!" - Not surprisingly, the message itself was a scam.

Spam subject: "Realize your fantasy as a sex god" - But remember to cover up the lightning bolt.

Spam quote: "Take this and being in bed with you will be like being in the center of a hurricane." Um, isn't that where nothing's happening?

Spam subject: "PLEASE THIS IS NOT A SPAM MAIL." Oh, well, that makes it okay.

Spam subject: "Show your friends what a monster you have in your underwear." Who goes around showing their friends their underwear?

Spam subject: "Dear Beloved Good Day." - Seriously, do you know *anyone* with that name?

Spam subject: "Your happiness is now free" - to do what?

Blog comment spam: "Any help would be very helpful." Really? Wow! I never realized!

Spam subject: "Ultimate ice cream experience in just 3 minutes!"

Spam subject: "Desired windows parking" - Cheaper than the desired Mac parking, but has a greater risk of crashes.

Spam subject: "DEAL TO BE EXECUTED." - Please write your representatives in Congress and encourage them to intervene for Deal's sake!

Spam subject: "Acclaim My new address" - Yes, definitely a pattern.

Spam subject: "Feel her tight one on yours." - It sounds like a euphemism, but it's actually selling watches.

Spam Subject: "Nice Website You Have" - It'd be a shame if something happened to it.

Spam subject: "Socially awkward? Read!" Yes, many people who are socially awkward do take that approach.

Spam subject: "do not regret on the past" No! Why didn't I pick up that skateboard proficiency back in grade five?!? (oblig. Scott Pilgrim)

Spam subject: "For having bulging pants, when needed." - Because sometimes bulging pants are damned inconvenient.

Spam subject: "Be sure your husband won.t be looking for a mistress, become 2 in 1!" Become two what?

Odd spam subject: "Supermodels after cocaine" - I guess everyone has to sort out their priorities.

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