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Spam subject: "Touch hat to My new address" - I think I'm seeing a pattern here.

Spam subject: "Give her the carnival of feelings, the night of crazy banging." Hey, everyone loves a clown, right?

Spam subject shows that spell-check is not proofreading: "Channel replica wallets for the real connoisseurs of the fashion."

Attempted comment spam: "you'd think spam blockers could actually help block garbage comments" Funny thing, though: they did.

Spam subject: "With our watches precious minutes will go slower." So it's a selling point that they don't keep time correctly?

Bizarre spam quote: "Catch rapturous girls' looks on your zipper protuberance."

Spam subject: "Password-protecting the heart addles" - Is *your* heart addle password protected? Tune in at 11 for the shocking story!

Spam subject: "Wicked in the Sack." Come on, spammers, leave Elphaba out of this!

Spam subject: "Smartphone app controls these awesome heated gloves" - Unfortunately you have to take them off to use the touch screen.

Spam subject: "Urgent Message???" - I don't know, you tell me.

Spam subject: "Give your partner a one-way ticket to ecstasy-land." Careful. They may get strip-searched.

Spam subject: "HEAR MY CRY" - Hey, do I look like Cupid to you?

Spam subject: "Your sacred dreams will come true with the great Swiss accessories." - Seriously...sacred dreams? Of a watch?

Spam subject: "Desired windows parking" - Cheaper than the desired Mac parking, but has a greater risk of crashes.

Spam subject: "Money love to stay in real leather wallets. Every your meeting will be successful if you follow the rich lifestyle."

Sneaky blog comment spam: "your theme is giving me php errors ?"

Spam subject: "*EREKSHN here >>!" - I'll never look at an exclamation point the same way again.

Spam subject: "Become the smartest ass" - No longer will you be the dumbest ass...

Blogspam: "hi there %BLOGINTITILE% owner. i want to say that %BLOGINTITLE% is really nice and the post was excellant." Nice personal note...

Spam subject: "Amorous explosion recipe" - new meaning for "food porn."

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