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Spam subject: "No description" - All right, you've convinced me! I'll order a dozen!

Spam subject: "Don't pay anything for your pills for 15 days" On day 16, we break your kneecaps.

"mudslinging conformist" - Please provide references for at least 3 non-conformists at whom you have slung mud in the last 6 months

Spam subject: "Budget Minded Gifts for your Family & Friends!" - Please tell me they're not selling viagra.

Spam subject: "Desired windows parking" - Cheaper than the desired Mac parking, but has a greater risk of crashes.

Spam subject: "A solution to dealing with stuffy, hot spaces." - It's called Windows, and you can buy it from Microsoft for the low price of $199!

Spam quote: "When your love-engine drives down and starts to fail sometime": The hit new country song, now available on iTunes

Spam subject: "Fight ed with our medicines" - But what if you need to fight Ted, Ned, or Fred? Will they still help?

Spam subject: "As seen on TV storage bags" - Who stores their TV in a bag?

Spam subject: "Re: Please, tell me success stories about V" - Well, the show did get a second season.

Spam subject: "omega watches"...and is forbidden to interfere.

Spam quote: 'Popping our pellets is like saying "get up!" to your nether rod.' - So it helps you brew potions in Minecraft?

After looking through dozens of spams for body-part enhancements, "Resilient to Extreme heat and Cold temps" just sounds wrong.

Spam subject: "We'll return your carnal charge" - Funny, I don't remember lending it out.

Spam subject: "MEAT CLUB DESIGN" - We're talking those giant turkey legs you can get at the Renaissance Faire, right?

Spam subject: "Any lady will notice a hill in your underwear..." I think *anyone* would notice that.

Spam subject: "GPS Tracker will catch them in the act!" - Spamusement said it best, I think:

Spam subject: "infer bullshit Rudolph" - You're right; he obviously meant "Imply."

Spam subject: "Great things begin with your huge apparatus" - Now that's a Rube Goldberg device I'd like to see in action!

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