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Blog comment spam: ":O So mush Data :O ... This is he MOst Amazing Website DUDe..." Hey, Data, look! I'm crushing your head!

Spam subject: "It can make you a god of banging for about 48 hours." - Like when Vulcan has a big project to forge?

Spam subject: "Sustain your wooden-thing"

Spam subject: "Wow (username)! You get 80% off today. for life" - Wait, is it just today, or is it for life? I'm confused!

Pair of spam subjects: "Potion for aggressive banging!" and "Magic goes to you along with unusual pills!"

Spam subject: "I have a lawer" I hope the "lawer" has a "profreader"

Strange spam subject: "And no fierce light disturbswhilst it reveals"

Spam: "Authentic accessories are the key to a successful life. Original Swiss things are now cheaper." - Cheese, chocolate, knives...what?

Spam subject: "Mom was right! BROCCOLI FOR HEALTH!"

Spam subject: "Your wife need your attention? Solve all the problems with IT." So, if you call tech support instead of fixing your computer yourself, you'll have more time for your wife. Alternate punchline: Thank you for calling Wife Support. To improve your relationship, hang up and talk to her!

Spam subject: "Smartphone app controls these awesome heated gloves" - Unfortunately you have to take them off to use the touch screen.

Spam subject: "I feel so empty, help" - I'd suggest eating something.

Spam: "Make love like R Jeremy" from "jfwilliams4christ"...advertising "A powerful antibiotic remedy against bacteria." Huh?

Spam subject: "There are a lot of cons in instrument enlargement" - Downsides? Con artists? Convicts? This doesn't sound like a good idea!

Spam subject: "Bizarre outdoor roleplay in this movie from Christina" - Please, LARPing isn't *that* weird.

Spam subject: "Be her in-out champion" - That brings new meaning to the phrase "animal style." Not to mention "double double."

Spam subject: "infer bullshit Rudolph" - You're right; he obviously meant "Imply."

Blogspam: "1863031 beers on the wall." That's going to take a loooong time to sing.

Spam comparing "Keto vs. low car" - um, I suppose you could just get bigger tires?

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