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Spam subject: "Attention My Dear Email Id Owner" - I love it when businesses put in the effort for that personal touch.

Spam subjects at cross purposes: "Let your volcano erupt!" and "Prevent premature eruptions!"

Spam subject: "Get the key to Pharaoh's Tomb" - Is this a euphemism or an offer for a cracked game registration code?

Spam subject: "Warning! Our watches are extremely cheap." Thanks! Now I know not to buy one.

Odd spam subject: "Supermodels after cocaine" - I guess everyone has to sort out their priorities.

Pair of spam subjects: "Disappointed with your bad performance in bed?" & "Do you need help falling asleep?"

Spam subject: "(email address) - this account has been hacked! Change all your passwords!" ... immediately followed by "It is useless to change the password, my malware intercepts it every time." - Well, that's a pointless suggestion.

Spam subject: "You need to take these pills to experience nirvana" And you need to take these pills to experience the Doors, and these to...

Confusing spam subject: "Every woman knows the secret of sexuality. The haircut cost even more than Swiss watches."

Spam subject: "Dear Valued Customerd" - Customerd? Yeah, that makes me feel *really* valued. :-P

Spam subject: "Jezebel hybridized implement's" She did? SCANDALOUS! (Psst. What did she hybridize them with?)

Confusing spam subject: "If you are disappointed in its second half, bold, come in!"

Spam subject: "Make your bone-on sustainable" - As long as it's a 100% organic experience...

Spam subject: "Your happiness is now free" - to do what?

Spam subject: "Facebook nudity" - talk about "friends" with benefits...

Spam subject: "This will change your bedroom life" - It's called a mattress...

Spam subject: "Personal abuse 81% Off" - For those who are tired of impersonal abuse, I suppose.

Spam subject: "Free trial for 15 days" - Yeah, it's called "jury duty."

Spam subject: "Get Local Customers for Pennies on the Dollar" - Buying customers? Is

Spam subject: "Isn't it time you started earning some real money?" - Instead of that Monoply money you've been earning?

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