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Spam subject: "It has never been easier to pick up women." Yeah, that anti-gravity device is a big help!

Spam subject: "‏U r welcome u r awesome" - Sorry, flattery will get you nowhere.

Spam subject: "Harmonious intimate life"

Truth in spam: "Just another pointless mail"

Spam subject: "Think You Know Rock n' Roll" - We asked Rock n' Roll, and neither of them knew you.

Silly spam subject: "Good-shagging potion!" - I don't think I've seen those in any RPGs I've played.

Spam subject: "Resurrect your desire!" w/ preview: "Be the arousal generator" - It had better not be gas-powered.

This spam subject sounds like something out of Zork: "You have found a big treasure of cheap luxury watches."...all alike.

Blog comment spam: "I determined your web site...while checking for initial aid for a heart attack" - You kept reading instead of calling 911?

Spam subject: "Hi, I'm like blond and cute, can I talk with you?"

Why am I getting spam from furniture? And no, that's not a typo. I've got comments posted by "Recliner" "Folding table" and "Hickory chair."

Spam subject: "Hi mom" - And yet I still haven't seen one that says "I can see my house from here!"

Spam subject: "Inspired by your phrase" - Yes. Yes, I am.

Spam subject: "Increase the size of your package easily today" - As long as they don't charge me more for shipping.

Spam subject: "Grow the size that you never imagine" - Didn't I see something about that on an early South Park episode? BEEFCAKE!

Spam subject: "The Life changing experience Accai Berry" - You see, they *used* to be able to *spell!*

Spam subject: "Turn your handigun into lovedriller"

Spam subject: "I can do for you is - what can not no girl!" - I'm still not sure what she's saying...

Spam subject: "World of Watches Up To 80% Off" Funny, I thought WoW stood for something else...

Spam subject: "Always wanted a Beautiful Deck?" Home improvement or misspelling? YOU DECIDE!

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