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Spam subject: "Quality Mold at a Competitive Price!" - People pay for that? I just opened my closet one time and found some!

Spam subject: "Be as big as the hulk" - You won't be able to fit through doors, but hey, you can smash them!

Irony: Someone sent me email spam plugging the spam control features of their Twitter client. *headdesk*

Spam subject: "It's time to grow up if it's not way too late."

Spam subject: "Always wanted a Beautiful Deck?" Home improvement or misspelling? YOU DECIDE!

Spam subject: "You acted weird." Shouldn't have taken those drugs I ordered off the internet...

Crossovers are starting. I just found spam offering "The secret to a great sex life" to Acai Berry.

Sorry, spammer, this isn't Jerry Maguire. A subject of "Hello" isn't enough to get me.

Silly spam subject: "Good-shagging potion!" - I don't think I've seen those in any RPGs I've played.

Spam subject: "I made you an account." Expected the body to read, "But I eated it."

Spam subject: "Let's have pizzalunch" - I'm going to have to start using that word.

Spam subject: "ALL of your favorite medications are here!" - Something about the idea of "favorite" medication bugs me.

Spam subject: "PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE" - I didn't, but I'm not sure public ridicule is what they had in mind...

Spam quote: 'Popping our pellets is like saying "get up!" to your nether rod.' - So it helps you brew potions in Minecraft?

Spam subject: "Fly on your schedule" - I keep trying to shoo it away so I can read the thing, but it keeps coming back.

Spam subject: "Send your satellite inside her!" - That metaphor doesn't even make sense.

Spam subject: "I want to experiment in bed with you." - Great, I've been looking for a lab partner! I'll get my goggles and lab coat.

Spam subject: "Bread as Fashion, Tokyo-Style." Makes sense, I suppose. You wouldn't want to get caught with last year's bread.

Spam subject: "Have you checked our rebates? bepbhqfcropt" (insert horse whinny here.)

Spam subject: "Your happiness is now free" - to do what?

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