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I keep reading the spam "Crude Oil Proposal" as a crude proposal involving oil, not a proposal about crude oil.

Spam subject: "Heat up your intimating" - You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you are intimating it means.

Spam subject: "Adult Education" - In spam, I'd expect this to mean naughty teachers and dorm parties.

Spam subject: "Invisible appz parking" - The only problem is, you can never tell whether a space is open or not.

Spam subject: "You are young and strong but helpless in bed? There is a way out!" But what about the pterodactyls?

Spam subject: "Her air pants!!!" Is this like air guitar?

Spam subject: "I used to live with constant join pain" - Then I changed jobs and didn't have to write SQL anymore.

Spam disguised as office memos: "Who's food is this?" and "Cooler is jammed"

Blogspam claiming "This will enable more clicks" promoting V-pills. I think they misspelled a word.

Spam subject: "Ads with young Gellar" - Is that Sarah Michelle or Uri?

Spam subject: "Losing has never been so easy" - Well sure, if you just stand there and let the other team take all the shots.

Spam subject: "Shaking soft supermarket" - It's all made of Jell-O! Even the boxes of Jell-O are made of Jell-O!

Spam subject: "Raise your night efficiency" - Brush your teeth in seconds! Get 8 hours of sleep in 5 minutes!

Spam subject: "Stronger device in your underwear is the guarantee of your bright future." Um...yeah...

Spam subject: "Take half off portabel mini heaters" - Do they look like mushrooms?

Spam subjects: "I'm lost. Come find me" and "I frozen! Where are you?"

Spam subject: "SAY "NO" TO THE NWE TAX LAW! Do not let yoruself fool!" - Let me guess: this tax is to support education, isn't it?

Spam subject: "Your morning coffee can do so much more than just wake you up" - Will it make toast for me, too?

Spam subject: "Change your small trout into a great white shark" Sounds like O.W.L. level Transfiguration to me.

Spam subject: "Are You Snoring Yourself to Death" - Ask the spouse who's about to smother you with a pillow.

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