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Spam subject: "Turn your pet into an adorable pillow." - That sounds... kinda creepy, TBH. Oh, wait, it's photo printing, not taxidermy. *whew*!

Spam subject: "Simply create your very own glass wear" - Sounds like Cinderella finally opened up that shoe store she's been talking about.

Spam subject: "Turn your hose into a power washer" - Believe it or not, it really is about hose attachments.

Truth in spam: "Just another pointless mail"

Spam subject: "Let's have pizzalunch" - I'm going to have to start using that word.

It's a super-soaker, right? "Make her wet just by the sight of your weapon" (spam subject)

Spam subject: "Always wanted a Beautiful Deck?" - I hope that's not a typo

Spam subject: "How to make your girl...." I saw that on an old Star Trek episode.

Spam subject: "How to increase member" - Great! We've got a group where we're trying to increase membership, and it's just so diffic-- wait, WHAT? Oh. Um, nevermind.

Spam subject: "Your mistake" ... was responding to this spam.

Odd compound words in these spam subjects: "The World Most Effective PenisLonger Pill..." & "is your girl feel down with your shorterPenis..."

Spam subject: "Thirty Reasons to Go Vegetarian" - on an advance fee fraud message

Spam subject: "SAY "NO" TO THE NWE TAX LAW! Do not let yoruself fool!" - Let me guess: this tax is to support education, isn't it?

Spam subject: "Girls at $200 a pop" - If the sodas are that expensive, maybe you should take the girls to a cheaper restaurant.

Spam subject: "Bigger than you can ever imagine" - We're talking about Han Solo's reward for saving Princess Leia, right?

Spam subject: "Raise your carnal ambitions" - Bring an entire side of beef to your barbecue!

Spam subject: "Your huge device can research any cave he wants." - sent from "Candy Dickens," no less.

Spam subject: "Nice walking dead" It'd be a shame if someone removed their heads or destroyed the brain, if you know what I mean.

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