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Spam subject: "Inches melting off your waist and hips." I think I saw that in House of Wax. No, thanks!

Spam subject: "Energy for your dude piston" O_o

Odd spam subject: "Supermodels after cocaine" - I guess everyone has to sort out their priorities.

Spam subject: "Dear me, that evil car sensibly stung out of this suspicious slot tipps." - Umm, yeah, darn that car.

Spam subject: "Grow Giant Snake in Pants" Someone didn't read the Evil Overlord List. Turning into a giant snake never helps.

Spam subject: "Intensifying your amorizing!"

Spam subject: "Become a sex magnet in your neighborhood" - I don't think Mr. Rogers would approve of that.

Funny how spam promotes "real" university diplomas but admits that the luxury watches are fakes - as a selling point.

Spam subject: "I can't send you message" - Yes, you can. I'm working on fixing that.

Spam subjects: "Meet her carnal needs" & "Use it for carnal carnivals." Why do I think they're not talking about barbecues?

Spam subject: "For better rod-on frequency"

Blogspam: "Retweeted this one, bro. Antioxidants are really helpful." ... For retweeting things? :?

Spam subject: "This rock rules!" I must tell my friends. They don't have a rock that rules this much.

Spam subject: "For lush love effects" - Get our exclusive collection of all 12 songs and 7 special effects used in any porno, EVER!

Spam subject: "Women will be singing odes to the majestic monster in your pants."

Spam subject: "Spur your purple-headed one!"

Spam subject: "Intensifying your amorizing!"

"Help your bodypart to perform!" - Hey, at least they're being gender-neutral.

"Get your hedgehog to the moon" - believe it or not, this one *isn't* spam!

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