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Spam subject: "Make it HUGE! Sample Enclosed" Sample?!?! Oh, of the pills. *whew*

Spam subject: "Your hair is 90% of yourself." - Only if your name is Rapunzel.

Spam ripping off nonsense poetry. Subject: "With the other frogs" Quote: "On that little heap of stones"

Spam subject: "Possible savings await you." Maybe. We're not sure. You might even lose money.

I think "Wang up!" is on its way to becoming a classic.

Spam subject: "Fight ed with our medicines" - But what if you need to fight Ted, Ned, or Fred? Will they still help?

Pair of spam subjects: "Start laser etching your christmas gifts" and "Stay warm by plugging this in next to your bed" - I assume the laser etcher isn't what will keep you warm.

Spam subject: "infer bullshit Rudolph" - You're right; he obviously meant "Imply."

Spam quote: 'Popping our pellets is like saying "get up!" to your nether rod.' - So it helps you brew potions in Minecraft?

Spam subjects: "I'm lost. Come find me" and "I frozen! Where are you?"

Spam subject: "Promote what fills your jeans" - Now it's a senior vice president in charge of fuck-all!

Spam subject: "The most surprising secret of online millllllonaires" - They have millions, but can't spell it.

Spam subject: "Thousand happy couples thank this hormone" - Oxytocin?

Spam subject: "Stop connecting through me" - Sounds like one of those passive-aggressive wifi hotspot names.

Spam subject: "Spur your purple-headed one!"

Spam subject: "Make your babymaker stonehard." Actually, I think the uterus should stay flexible.

Spam subject: "Attention Email User!!!" - How did they know???

Spam subject: "I will pay you just for clicking your mouse" - Really? AWESOME! Click!click!click! Now, where's my cash? ... Hey! You didn't say it mattered *where* I clicked it! *grumble*grumble* Jerks.

Spam subject: "Your new reality is upon you" - What, did we have another cosmic crisis again?

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