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Unclear spam subject: "You will love the results on your organ" - Is it furniture polish? Some kind of tuning system?

Spam subject: "Tale Amazing arial photos with your next drone" - I'd prefer Consolas or Calibri, but as long as it doesn't take Comic Sans photos, that should be fine.

Spam subject: "100 hottest babes on the planet" - Let me guess: They all live near the equator.

Spam subjects: "Horrible situation here!" and "Control time." Or at least stop it. With a freeze ray.

Spam subject: "Please, no jokes" Whoops! Sorry about that! Hope you don't mind.

Spam subject: "She can have an orgasm just by looking at your Submariner SS watch." But only if she's using Herbal Essences shampoo.

Spam subject: "Fastest Way to Find New Customers" - I think I saw this in a Looney Tunes cartoon. It involved a sign that said "Free Beer."

Spam subject: "Boost your mastery of love" - You Have Leveled Up!

Spam subject: "Harvest as much as 1600 ''blueberries'' on a single plant" - Not another Farmville hack group...

Spam subject: "Last 36 hours for free" - wait, so you tell me about the sale *after* it's done?

Spam subject: "SKYE-NET FINANCE" I always wondered how the Terminators paid for manufacturing costs.

Spam subject: "Dream to act like a porn star? Attack a magic tab!" - I think Real Life Comics covered that when they turned the Las Vegas call-girl cards into a Magic: The Gathering expansion pack.

Um...yeah, I'll get right on that post about "ANCHOR_TEXT%" that you'd love to see me write.

Spam subject: "Enter her rock hard like she wants" - I'm not sure why she wants me in her rock, but I'm always up for spelunking.

Spam subject: "Give her sweet spasms of love" O_o

Spam subject: "Can We Send You Some Customers?" Depends: are you planning to send them by FedEx or UPS? Will I have to sign for delivery?

Spam subject: "Its amaaazing" - This isn't more warp-speed tooth-whitening again, is it?

Spam subject: "Her boobs swelled in excitement" Actually, that sounds more like an allergic reaction.

Spam subject: "Start a revolution in your lovemaking"

Pair of spam subjects: "This will help men even with menopausal women" and "Chocolate tower I want" - Makes sense. Everyone likes chocolate.

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