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Spam subject: "Make your woody sustainable" - Wait, are these sex drugs, or forestry?

Spam subject: "Harvest as much as 1600 ''blueberries'' on a single plant" - Not another Farmville hack group...

Confusing spam subject: "Take me gently caressing my bunny!" ... bunny? I'm not sure I want to know.

Spam subject: "blow up your penis now & see results in as little as 7 weeks Guaranteed" - Sounds like a dynamite deal.

Spam subject: "Get the best bang every night." - Try living near Disneyland. Nightly fireworks at 9:30.

Spam subject: "For having manhood cliffy-stiffy"

Spam subject: "I'm in traffic jam" - and not helping matters by sending email while driving.

Spam subject: "Heart Under Construction" Please take detour through stomach.

Spam subject: "Jezebel hybridized implement's" She did? SCANDALOUS! (Psst. What did she hybridize them with?)

Spam subject: "some secrets are meant only for the bed" - Yeah, those microwaves are *such* blabbermouths.

Subject: "I see you didn't open my email..." Nope, nothing creepy about that...

Spam subject: "How would you like unlimited hits to your website 15 minutes from now?" - That sounds like you're threatening a DOS attack.

Spam subject: "Charm her panties off" - So will she charm your snake in return?

Pair of spam subjects: "10 tips for orgasm" and "10 things women hate" - I really hope these are two different lists.

Spam subject: "menu for the new year" - not too much spam, I hope...

Spam subject: "Have you ever considered working on the internet?" - It could really use a tune-up.

Spam subject: "Please erase me" - if by "erase" you mean "delete" and "me" you mean the message, I'll be happy to oblige.

"Treats blood pressure right!" - Because if you treat your blood pressure badly, it might leave you.

Spam subject: "She will feel that your nether joystick is made out of concrete!" - nether...joystick...okaaaayyy....

Spam subject: "Your package is set to grow" - But will it come before Christmas?

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