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Spam subject: "Thousand happy couples thank this hormone" - Oxytocin?

Spam subject: "Rock n Roll drummer writer therapist that's me" - Let me guess: you're looking for a world-famous billionaire bikini supermodel astrophysicist. Good luck with that.

Spam subject: "Ready to lose some weights?" Just bring your own weights to the gym and leave them lying around. You'll be sure to lose some in no time!

Blog comment spam: ":O So mush Data :O ... This is he MOst Amazing Website DUDe..." Hey, Data, look! I'm crushing your head!

Spam subject: "Boob job gone way your bed" from "Unexpected Result" - I...don't think I want to know.

Spam subject: "Pilates with a punch" - No, those are *pirates*. Like the ones in the Caribbean.

Odd, I don't think this spam is about construction. "Hola, friend! Unable to achieve the condition of concrete pole?"

Spam subject: "For frequent 'getting busy'"

Spam subject: "You Have A Package With TNT Delivery Service" - I don't think I want to open that one. Especially if it's ticking.

Spam subject: "Measure Up To the Present" What, did someone send you a Junior Patrick?

Spam subject: "Licence the Office and other software" - No, The Office is a *TV show*, not software!

Spam subject: "Get a levitating globe for your office" - No supervillain lair should be without one!

Spam quote: 'Popping our pellets is like saying "get up!" to your nether rod.' - So it helps you brew potions in Minecraft?

Spam subject: "Urgent Message???" - I don't know, you tell me.

Spam subject: "Inaccessible software place" - That's where the #$%^ spyware installs itself to, right?

Spam subject: "I can't believe they picked you" - Thanks *so* much for the vote of confidence.

Spam subject: "some jerk has posted your pictures" - Actually not a bad bit of social engineering, there.

Spam subject: "Be a Superman with ladies" - As I recall, Superman was kind of a jerk to Lois:

Don't you love it when scam emails start out with "this is not a scam?"

Spam subject: "Internal elections" - Judging by content, 1st word is an antonym and the 2nd is off by 1 letter.

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